Friday, March 30, 2007


My two cents worth regarding the current 6 people out of whom will come the next President.

Hilary Clinton: Larger than life. Mercurial, tougher than the other men, and probably quite capable of leading the nation. However I don't really care for her. She is probably the best choice if you want a larger than life leader who will get stuff done while making lots of enemies.

John McCain: In my opinion the best the Rep's have to offer. Far better and more level headed then Rudy. He is clumsily trying to court conservatives who he will abandon as soon as he is elected. I do not think he is fooling too many of them. But they may vote for him just to back a winner. I have read his book and he seems pretty down to earth and very much not an ideologue. Too bad he is a republican. His wife and little adopted Bangladeshi daughter are pretty photogenic too. He would be an able leader as long as he did not follow the wishes of the idiotic dunderheads who tend to vote Republican.

Barack!: He has the big MO, or at least has had it. Could very well be a democratic version of McCain 2000's straight talk express, an express to no where. He is a charismatic generalist. People like that. However that might leave him open to problems in the general election. Could be a VP

Rudy: Big name and BIG BAGGAGE. The Fire Department of NYC hates him, he has problems being an open adulterer, and now there are revelations about when he knew about his crooked police chief. He would be a good VP, sort of Dick Cheney without the three hundred pounds of fat.

John Edwards: Rock solid and decent as they come. He would be the best choice if you wanted what Bush claimed he was. Edwards is the real thing. But he has a biiiiiiig battle to overcome Obama and Clinton.

Romney: I knew he was going to be in the mix. He is, I think, really running a Vice Presidential campaign like Edwards.

So My guess is this:

Clinton~Edwards vs McCain~Giuliani and I would have to say that if the race is set up like that it is anyone's guess who might win.

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