Thursday, August 28, 2008

News Comentators are not very informed

It used to be that news anchors were journalists. Now they are talkers. This means that often they spout idiocy. For instance on NPR one commentator, during the DNC convention, said that Obama wowed a crowd in Portland of 750,000 people. What the hell? Clearly her notes were mis-typed and she was so uninformed that the gross inaccuracy was lost on her.

Then their is the question of "dis-unity". The reporters seemed to have developed their narrative prior to any actual conflict at the convention. They were banking on some kind of flap. No dis-unity flap has occurred as any Democrat could tell you, and we all did. Somehow the narrative is still being pushed off on us. We all are just "putting a good face on" The actual truth is that we Democrats will not let anything stop us in our quest to take the White House back. We have our nominee and now on to November. That is the simple truth.

The real dis-unity is in the other party. Yet no such narrative is evident in the media there. McCain is running counter to his parties platform, a document that mentions him by name only once in 20,000 words. On almost every major issue for the conservative idiots in his party McCain has a different position. This may make him more bankable to the real Americans but the truth of course is that those same conservative will have him by the balls and have shown they can get him to change his opinion on all sorts of issues.

Commentators, who really are not experts in much, again show how little they know when they start talking about things we understand. The only time they sound smart to me is when they speak of things I know nothing of. The more a citizen knows the stupider the news people sound. Citizens of America Get smart!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Joe vs the Volcano

The Clinton supporters, so far, are showing that they are more in love with Mrs. Clinton than with their country. As I have said in the past the Clinton supporters are not much different than the Bush supporters. They want their person and they do not care what nation they have to ruin in order to have their way.

So now the Clinton seem upset that their person was not chosen to be the VP. First of all do we know that Obama did not ask her? NO. And frankly I am tired of people trying to say that Clinton is entitled to some office by right of who she is. She ran a race and lost. We all win some and lose some.

If Clinton supporters were true Democrats they would solidify behind the man who will do the most good for the people. That is Obama. However they are so wrapped up in their cult that they may send this nation down yet another dark path. Do we want this? Of course not. Any Clinton supporter who will support McCain really needs to ask himself or herself why? Remember McCain is simply a different face attached, Frankenstein style, to the same body that brought us Iraq and a squalid economy. He may look different than Bush, talk different than Bush, but all those interests who got rich with Bush are the ones standing behind McCain.

Only a fool would go from Clinton to McCain. If you would not vote for Bush why would you bother voting for McCain? How many people have to get killed in the next war just so the Clintonistas can teach America a lesson. If those who support Clinton really honor what she stands for then they will vote for Obama.

So Clinton supporters what are you? Do you honor the ideals or just the person espousing them? As an Obama supporter I would be right behind Clinton if she had beaten him. Both Obama and Clinton would advance our great nation. Obama is the person now. So lets get on with it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Russia and America. Good old boys of brute force

"Speak softly and carry a big stick..." Oh hell just carry a big stick! The actions of the bully Russia in Georgia and similar to the action of the bully America in Iraq. Both sides are full of justification about the absurd use of force on populations of people who are poor and already living hard lives.

So Bush lectures Russia on using too much force in Georgia and they laugh at him. Well Duh! What do we expect? The world is sick of both of us. Both nations are acting like thugs and yelling at each other, putting each other down, and basically acting like jerks.

There will be lots of people in both countries, and there are, that will say, "look at those jerks over there! We need to act tough like them or they will think we are weak." And they will bitch a lot and get more military funding so both countries can act even more like jerks.

China is also paying attention and taking notes. It already is a bullying jerk too, but it hasn't had a chance to really flex its stupidity yet. Taiwan awaits its fate like Iraq, and Georgia. There are always reasons given by these idiots to justify their terrorism.

Friday, August 15, 2008

PSU Orientation 2008

Well after 7 hours at PSU with my daughter I am now ready. Ready to not spend seven more hours at PSU. Things started off well enough and I was quite pleased by the first speaker who headed up the honors program. He did not dumb down his prose.

Then we broke into student and parent groups and went our separate ways. They offered about 10 different classes on various subjects surrounding the entry of students into PSU and college life in general.

Then we had lunch cafeteria style.

After that the parents went to listen to all the horrible things that "might" happen to our kids. It is sort of a disclaimer that bad things might happen and we should all try to prevent them. Depression, drinking, drugs, sexual assault, and suicide. Which topic do you think garnored the most audience participation?

Sexual Assault. The audience was not much interested in talking about depression, drinking, drugs or suicide. I thought this odd since all of the above usually are connected to sexual assault. Some parents said that they wanted their girls in self defense classes, or carry mace. One person said own a big dog. Never mind that you can't have a big dog on campus.

Then the health person who was leading this extravaganza of doom said that 90% of sexual assaults take place during a date and involve booze.

One parent asked how would the health center notify them if their kid was sick, etc. The answer was that they would not be notified since the students records are private. This question was rephrased to ask if the health center would notify the cops of an assault had taken place to a student. Nope. Doctor patient confidentiality. The student could talk, but the health care providers are of course prohibited.

The best news I got all day was that a full time student at PSU is entitled to free health and dental through the Student Health Center.

I felt really good about today. And I feel really good about the kids I saw too. As a society we are going to be ok.

Friday, August 01, 2008


I read a great article in the NY Times about Trolls. Internet Trolls. People who basically get in the way of people who try to use the Internet for a useful purpose. The people interviewed sounded like sociopaths. I understand why this is.

If you are in a room with a real human being and you walk up to them an insult them, their family, or try to steel their wallet, you have to suffer instant physical, social, and emotional consequences.

On the net you can do this with the barrier of electrons between you and your victim. Troll are pretentious cowards. They seldom are held to account for their actions. So the cowards continue hurting people. At some point the mess they make will end up in their midst. Behind bars, in the drunk tank, in a moldy blanket under a bridge, struggling to eat, they will finally face the consequences for their behavior.

If you act like a jerk, be prepared for people to treat you like one.