Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Country Music is pathetic

Why is Country Music so pathetic? And who listens to this shit? I mean the beat is good. The instrumentation is good. But the lyrics are straight from satan's bunghole.

I think they know this music is total crap that is why all the lyrics try to just admit it. Then they try to wrap it up in God and the flag and try to sell it as something other than the shit it is.

Lest people think I am talking about all music termed "country" this is not so. I am specifically talking about pop-country. These songs write themselves. I have never written a country song but here goes:

I love my country and I love my truck
I pray to God, but my love life sucks
I love cold beer, and wide open spaces
I can't speak none 'bout them foreign places

So I'll sit right down and toss a cold one back
Be proud for no reason, and for not know'n jack
I'll tell tall tales that I like to tell
Then pray to God to get me out of this country music hell