Friday, July 28, 2000

Barny Imagination Island


From the high quality cardboards sets, to the giant foam packed dinosaur suit, this film has it all. Cheesy computer graphcis, kids who sing and dance to songs I have heard millions of times before. A nutty professor who makes toys to play with. Harsh TV stage lighting. This is entertainment for the American masses. Who needs Shakespear!?

American History X


Edward Norton plays a neo nazi, bashing heads and spewing propaganda. His little bro is quickly turning into him. Their family is falling apart. Then he kills two black men and goes to jail for 3 years. This film is great in that it gives a totally believable picture of nazism. The main character. Far from being ignorant white trash, is smart, articulate, and charismatic. The dialogue is perfect and is so well thought out that you can really see the seductive nature of the white power movement. The arguments that are made by the Nazi's dove tail so well into modern American politics that it is scary. The film is pretty brutal and has a very sad ending. It is simple story done really well.

The "Puzzling" Mr. Ripley


Puzzling because we are given so little info about this idiot. He lives in a dump in NYC and he makes cash on the side by impersonating people. Okay. So what? His actions in Italy are never put into the context of his life. There are a couple of good things about this film. One is dicks Greenleaf, the American expatriate, jazz loving, rich kid. You'd think his character would be typical and suck but it is actually a great character and it is too bad the movie couldn't have been about him. Matt Damon's insipid little character deserved to be shoved off the back end of the Queen Mary. The visuals are nice too. Speaking of the Queen Mary there was a nice bit of composition of the worlds best liner, at birth at Long Beach CA, sliding through New
York Harbor. The Italian unit had fun shooting at all the save locales and the film did a good job of convincing us that we were in 50's Italy. I just wish the story wasn't so fucked up.