Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Election 2008 nearing the end

One week from yesterday the election will be over. In six days all this hullaballu will be complete and Bush-Co can rent the U-hauls and start packing up. It has been a long time in coming. As a voter I would like to say that this has been the most exciting election since the last election. That is to say that they all are exciting.

Hopefully this time at least 50% of the voters will actually vote. That in itself will be a laudable thing. I am not sure what would get the average voter to vote other than a cattle prod. I am hoping that Obama wins in a convincing enough way to keep the nuts on all sides from raising their pathetic heads. Listening to the far reaches of political nutjobs, who are already trying to position themselves with either voter fraud or voter suppression, I have to wince.

So where am I at politically now, a week out? Well I used to have a ton of respect for McCain. But most of that has gone away now. He has compromised with so many idtiots and taken so many positions that who knows what or who he really is? I am very sorry for the Republican Party who used to have some pretty smart people espousing their ideas. They have sunk to Palin and a plummer? Well most of the working guys I know are voting for Obama. I am not too sure exactly what the Republican "strategy" is anymore.

I guess their "winning card" is to say that giving tax cuts to the middle class is bad and giving tax cuts to millionaires is good. Well I guess the millionaire vote is sewn up for McCain. As for the VAST rest of us. Sorry but we need a President of the people not just of the rich. What have the rich done for America since Bushco came to power? Stole us blind, made bad business decisions, then begged us to save them. They can rot in hell.

Now on to election day. Go-Bama!