Thursday, November 02, 2000

President Who?

I don't want to tell you who to vote for but just let me say that if you want:

Drilling in the arctic.
No increase in the minimum wage.
No tax cut.
Increased regulation against organized labor.
No progress on national healthcare.
No progress on inner city poverty.
No attention payed to developing alternative fuels.
Money taken away from public education and given to the rich to offset their private ed costs.
No reform of campaign finance laws.
No vision of national community IN short no leadership.

Then, by all means, vote for Ralph Nader.

I am voting for Gore. Why? Well the answer is clear. Subterfuge. I do not like Gore much, although he is superman compared to the dickwad Bush. Witchever candidate wins the man is going to be a very weak president. He will have to deal with a deadlocked congress and will have no mandate to do jack shit. However if Gore wins then in 2004 I can confidently predict that John McCain will be the parties nominee of choice. If Bush wins then, no matter how badly he sucks, and he will suck, he will be the nominee in 2004. Who will apose him? ON the democratic side I see no fire or intelligence. Monkeys would be flying out me ass if Nader some how became a viable force. No it would be a D vs Bush race and it would produce nothing, just another lost opportunity. So I am wanting Gore to win so I can have the pleasure of ousting him in 2004.

Vote Gore for McCain in 2004 !