Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hobbyists are Nazi's

The title is in NO WAY implying that the below mentioned hobbyists are in fact fascists.

Model railroaders, RC car or plane builders and fliers, Airsoft and Paintballers, all are a bunch of uptight twerps. If you read up on them, or any other hobby, the hobby is always "run" by a bunch of uptight twerps. "My way or the highway" types. The kind of people who suck the life out of the room by taking all the fun out of everything. "Well if you don't want to spend your retirement on XYZ then don't waste my time." type of people. They always look down their noses at the great unwashed masses who like to have fun. These types need regulations, and standards, and big thick rule books and bylaws. Little Napoleonic complexities waiting for a sport or hobby to take over and ruin.

I understand the difference, for example, between a mid 80's Life-Like POS locomotive and an Athearn Genesis DCC loco. I also know that you can still have a great time with the train hobby and not spend thousands on the trains themselves.

My daughter and I like chasing each other with our little RC cars but I am sure we are looked down on from the elite RC racers of the world.

Airsoft is my latest enquiry. I am not very militant, but there have been several articles, and instances that have lead me to look into the sport. One is that it is a breeding ground for new army men (or kids). Recruiters check out paitball areas and airsoft grounds for potential recruits. What is the alure of such things. I think I know since I am a man and like to shoot stuff too. But looking into this field I find the same uptight twerps telling me what is "proper" as if they are in the F'ing military or as if they are really doing important stuff instead of playing GI Joe.

I understand there needs to be standards if you wish to participate in a sport or hobby. But their should also be a broader attempt made by people who are enthusiastic about a hobby, to bring it to the masses in a way that is less intimidating and snotty.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh for crying out loud...not another gay conservative?

Is there some unwritten, or perhaps written, law stating that people getting pinched for soliciting gay prostitution, or unwanted gay advances have to be Republicans and or clergy? Is there something about Republicans that makes them more prone to turn "gay"? All the Democrats I know of are either straight or gay and have no problem with either. Only the conservatives seem to be flip-floppers on their own sexual orientation.

Look if you are a gay Republican then just accept it and be done with it. God made you that way for a reason, perhaps to embarrass hypocrites, or maybe he has slated you to burn in hell. Or maybe he just made you that way "just because" and wants you to make the best of it and enjoy your wonderful life for what it is. Don't insult God by trying to be something you are not.

Now on to my own self flagellation. This is a STUPID story. What is the guy guilty of? I mean really guilty of, if it is true? Wanting some consensual sex in a bathroom. So the guy has to resign? This is absurd. Let him and his local constituents talk it out and then let him be. I love the hypocrisy angle but this, like Monica, does not rise to the level of an offense worthy of anything other than and embarrassed "excuse me".

Mr. Craig do not resign over this. If you have lived a double life for 60 plus years then you have already lived in hell. If you are telling the truth then stick to your guns. But the homophobes on the right, and the democrats on the left want you gone for their own narrow reasons. I do not agree with any of your positions on gay rights. However I also would not wish you to be forced from office because of such a silly bit of nonsense.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Blind to ourselves

We are so good at picking apart the ones we love or hate and such dismal failures at figuring out why we do the things we do. An example would be how some of us (me) find it easy to bash Bush et al. He is an easy target, oh sure make fun of the retarded man in the white house. Now that takes a lot of guts.

How about all the dumb things we (I) do? Postponing paying bills until the last possible moment, procrastinating on my seemingly endless divorce. Want to duck confrontation at all costs until the confrontation comes and "blam" or "Pow" or "Zap" here we go again. I need to take what I dish out. I might find it tasty. Or maybe I'll choke on my own words...

So what do I say now that Gonzo, aka Torture-boy, aka the big AG, is gone? I personally think that having AG around is great, he the gift that keeps giving. Why wish him, or for that matter Rove, gone? We'd have to be pretty stupid to think that the Admin. will change if these guys leave their "official" capacity. Remember Rumsfeld? He's still got an office in the Pentagon. Do we not understand that Email, to say nothing of the phone, will keep these men in contact with the President regardless of Congressional wishes. Nobody really "goes away" Hell these turds have been lying on the lawn in Washington for decades. They won't go until they are singing with the quire invisible.

It is like trying to escape your ex. If you have kids then forget it. You are gonna be stuck with him/her for the duration so you better make peace with the idea. Even if we got rid of Bush what would that really change? Would Iraq disappear? Hell no, it would rage on with us or without us. If you think the headlines suck now wait until the headlines about the busted Iraqi state start coming in after "The US Abandons Iraq". No this situation is going to be hell no matter what we do.

Recriminations galore for years to come. Everybody better get their fingers good and exercised because there will be a lot of finger point jobs to go around. Republicans blame Democrats for losing Iraq. Democrats blame Republicans for losing Iraq. The public blames all of them. Like a marriage breaking up, in the end does it really matter a damn who's fault it was? Is the injured party going to have some extra vindication over that knowledge? Well maybe. But it is all emotional crap. The reality is that the situation was brought about but a perfect storm of bad decisions, bad intel, bad ideas, and simple bad luck. Its a crap shoot so we have to be careful and not expect more than that, not unless we want to be really depressed.

Looking back at Eisenhower letting the French get clobbered in Vietnam, or FDR taking his sweet time getting involved with Europe; I think that those are examples of being careful, because those guys new what a crap shoot life basically is. It would be neat if we all could be John Wayne, with gun in one hand, and a script that tells us how is all going to turn out in the other, but alas we do not.

America's Elections need some brains power

The current rush to advance primary dates is a clear indication of the stupidity of continuing with the primary process as it is now. It is a silly system that has greatly outlived its usefulness to democracy. It has not outlived its usefulness to campaings ergo it is still happening, much like the conventions.

At some point we as a nation really need to revamp this process so it is less about the candidate and more about the country. The following system would be far better for the nation and lead to better candidates and therefore better Presidents.

1) Restrict the election year to just that 1 year. No fundraising, adds, or any other type of campaigning can be done prior to 365 days before the general election.

2) States, in randomized order, will have a primary or causcus, one week at a time. This will give any candidate 1 week of instate presense prior to election day. After 50 weeks all states will have chosen their nominee to various parties. Then there will be a 2 week span of time when the various campaigns can focus their message.

3) The convention will be replaced by a national convention that will be the last hurrah before election day. This convention can last the last week of the campaign and parties can still decide where they would like to have it.

4) Then election day comes. People cast votes and the majority votes elect Presidents. No more electoral college. A simple majority in a state will give that states vote to the candidate that most people voted for. Oh yes, and DC has to be able to vote since with only 50 states, or votes, we could end up in a tie. This way there is not tie possible.

The End.

This is no more wierd or screwed up than the current cluster we have to deal with now.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bush needs educating, again. I know this is getting really old...

Bush needs educating about the war he, and Cheney didn’t want to go to. For one thing the “killing fields” took place in Cambodia, they were the result to the Khmer Rouge taking power as a result of American medaling in Cambodian affairs.

As the Vietnam War progressed, Sihanouk adopted an official policy of neutrality until he was ousted in 1970 by a military coup led by Prime Minister General Lon Nol, who was supported by the USA.

Sihanouk realigned himself with the communist Khmer Rouge rebels who had been slowly gaining territory in the remote mountain regions and urged his followers to help in overthowing the unpopular pro-United States government of Lon Nol, hastening the onset of civil war.

In “Operation Menu”, a series of secret B-52 bombing raids by the United States on suspected Viet Cong bases and supply routes inside Cambodia, was acknowledged after Lon Nol assumed power; U.S. forces briefly invaded Cambodia in a further effort to disrupt the Viet Cong. The bombing continued and, as the Cambodian communists began gaining ground.

In November 1978, Vietnam invaded Cambodia to stop Khmer Rouge incursions across the border and the genocide of Vietnamese in Cambodia.

As usual Bush tends to paint all conflicts in a region wit h the same brush. Arabs are terrorists, Asians are Communists, black people are niggers…oh sorry…didn’t mean to let the Bush out of the bag.

Mr. President please do not invoke a war you ran away from. You don’t know shit about it so avoid looking any stupider and shut the hell up. Concentrate on the war you started not the one started by your dead Texas predecessor.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Body Worlds 3

I saw Body Worlds III today. I have to tell you honestly that I was a bit unsure how to take this exhibit. Especially since I had my ten year old with me. Then we were in there wit hall the plastinates (plasticized people) and after fifteen minutes my ten year old came up to me and gave me her pronouncement.

She was standing in a room filled with a dozen human cadavers, heads, brains, lung cross-sections, examples of diseased and healthy organs, and even a full sized camel that was, well all hanging out, and announced that she was bored.

I am not sure what it would take to interest the youth of today. Actually I do. It is High School Musical 2 and its accompanying soundtrack. Now if the Body Worlds exhibit had a more pumping beat to its musical score then perhaps the kids would not be bored.

For me I was amazed and I could have spent a lot more time in there if it weren’t for a portion of my brain, I am sure it was out there somewhere on display too, that told me to partake of this anatomical extravaganza and then leave. For some deep and shadowy reason I had a problem with it. It did not sadden me or gross me out. I guess if I had to put a finger on it it would be that despite extraordinary sites I was not looking at anything that particularly reminded me of the living.

I came away from the show with the over arching thought of “I am amazed that we can exist at all given how we are put together. We look engineered, like complicated erector sets, the only thing that gives us the illusion of organic life is the life itself. Take that “life” away and all the posing, coloring, plastination, or whatever and you are still just an “it”, no more special than a hunk of bark dust, or pile of dust.

Monday, August 13, 2007

911 conspiracy theorists are a bunch of Losers

I would attempt to elevate my discourse but why bother. Why speak rationally to a bunch of delusional, paranoid misanthrops who can't get their empty heads around the truth of the event. Screw them and all the useless, little-brained idiots, who are in fact, with mindless ignorance, the shills for the real force behind that event.

They are an insult to human beings, if that is in fact what they really are? For all I know these so called “truth seekers” are a branch of psychological operations? Is it so hard to believe that they have been put in place to spread disinformation to help the enemy? Maybe the truth seekers are really the mouth piece of a star chamber of individuals who wish to rule the world?

Unfortunately they are too stupid. I wish they were a branch of the enemy. But they are too retarded to be of much use to them. They are no use to the US and no use to Bin Laden. Who are they a use for? I guess corporations that try to sell crap on sites set up to blog.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Star Adventures Continues...

Ah the majesty of the main dock at Station-1. Please compare this with the dock as it appeared in the original film. The big ship being escorted in is the Adon-II. The little ships are the local police ships.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Replublicans tell the truth, from their own misinformed, and incorrect point of view

This fresh in from Fact

* Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney falsely claimed U.S. job growth had been nearly 17 times faster than Europe's. Actually, European Union employment grew faster than that of the U.S. last year. Romney's figures come from a source who told that he would no longer use them.
* Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani accused Democratic candidates of "appeasement" toward Islamic terrorists. In fact, leading Democratic candidates have spoken out strongly against terrorism.
* Sen. John McCain claimed American families spend $140 billion of their income preparing federal income tax returns. We find no support for that figure, which the Internal Revenue Service puts at $19 billion.
* Rep. Tom Tancredo claimed illegal immigrants "are taking a large part of our health care dollars." But the independent Rand Corp. estimates that undocumented immigrants account for 1.5 percent of health care spending or less.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Occam and conspiracy

Oh no that pesky Bush has sent his henchmen to the Midwest to blow up bridges now. It couldn't be that the old bridge failed due to structural problems. The Star Chamber conspiracy is a far more logical solution to the why. Just like 911, or the moon landing, or the Kennedy assassination.

“ entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem.”
“entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity.”
-William of Ockham 1288-1348

This 14th century bit to logic is as solid today as back then. It is often paraphrased, “All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one.” How does this relate to conspiracies? First let us look at what a conspiracy is.

Conspiracy’s are premeditative actions of multiple persons, each performing a task in secret, to bring about an event.

By their nature conspiracies get progressively harder to keep secret when the number of people involved becomes large. I am not trying to say that conspiracies do not work. They do especially if they are of a short nature. The conspiracy by the 911 attackers to take down the WTC is a good example. The conspiracy was able to pull it off because there was no light being shed on them. Or the burning of the Reichstag building in Berlin by the Nazi’s who blamed the communists. Once the conspiracy is out of the bag, however, it is out and it is a losing game trying to hide it.

What make me personally skeptical of the conspiracies listed in paragraph one is that the conspiracy is supposedly kept going, even after the event that the conspiracy brought about has occurred. Once the spot light is on, if there is a conspiracy, it will be discovered. We like conspiracies though. We love a good James Bond movie about forces unknown who wish to rule the world. I would posit that the desire to see conspiracies is directly proportional to the level of national paranoia. I will get to this in a moment. But first let us look at to cases:

On the old Kennedy assassination modern forensics has pretty much determined that all the paths of the bullets that struck the President and Connelly all came from the 6th floor of the schoolbook depository building. There were no magic bullets. The people that end up having to do gymnastics to have their “evidence” fit are the conspiracy freaks. Autopsy photos that have trickled out of the national archives also clearly show a wound caused from a bullet from behind, as does the readily available x-rays. Furthermore with the access to the hi-res Zepruder images it is pretty clear where the bullets were coming from.

If there was a conspiracy then Oswald had to be the shooter. But conspiracy freaks almost always wish to exonerate Oswald, as if a nut with a gun could possibly have killed the President. And the so-called “hit” done by Jack Ruby on Oswald is another big problem for the conspiracy people. If anything would make a conspiracy to kill the President fall apart it would be to kill off the assassin in the Police building in front of cameras. That is unless you wanted it to appear to be a conspiracy. Then by all means do that.

Lets look at another attempted assassination. John Hinckley is in love with the movie star Jodi Foster, whom he has never met, and to prove his love to her he decides to kill Regan. He gets a gun and is able to get within easy pistol-shot of the President despite Secret Service all around. Sounds pretty far fetched. But some how there is not conspiracy circle here. Even though the facts around Hinckley sound so absurd.

Getting back to my point. The time of the assassination attempt on Regan was a different from 1963. Back in 1963 the public was neurotic and on edge, deep in the cold war and with growing civil unrest at home. Minds could more easily see the fictitious bogyman instead of the idiot Oswald. With real spies around each corner, nukes on high alert, and national guardsmen escorting kids to school, it was easy to let the paranoia get the better of us.

Likewise on 911. The stumbling mediocrity of the Bush Administration lead to much the same kind of paranoia. Then we had the Anthrax letters and all too soon we ended up in Iraq. So again events easily mold thought to the point where the fictitious bogyman appears again. And we waste time with the fake instead of the real demons. There are real demons with the killing of JFK and 911. Forces took advantage of both events to advance agendas.

I guess you have to ask yourself what was the point of the conspiracy? In the movie JFK it was supposed to be a war in Vietnam. But the truth of course is that JFK but the troops in there, and helped the nationalists kill President Diem. And LBJ was not really interested in world affairs anyway. He did use the Kennedy assassination to good effect thought. It is doubtful that the Civil Rights act or the Moonlanding would have happened with such speed had JFK not been killed.

911 was the result of a conspiracy, a conspiracy that ended on 911 when all the conspirators died in the attack. Once the attack was over, Bin Laden took full responsibility, or credit, for helping get the attacks going, in a distantly removed way. You would think that it would be to Alqueda’s benefit to sow the seeds of conspiracy around Israel or the Bush Administration. But they are accepting of their culpability and warn of worse to come.

A conspiracy involving demolitions experts, the CIA, Bush, the government of NYC, the owner of the WTC site, the FAA, the Pentagon, and god knows who else, is false, in my opinion since it fails the simple test of Ockham’s Razzor. It simply makes too many assumptions.

Thursday, August 02, 2007