Thursday, October 25, 2007

How are things going? We are still at war right???

As usual I have to get my info from the BBC since our news organizations cannot seem to bother with our war. The above photo was snapped a couple days ago by a BBC embedded news team on patrol with the 101st Airborne. Note words etched in the ceiling of the humvee. "Never Going Home"

These soldiers were all on their third tour. This one lasting 15 months. Soldiers seem frustrated that their fellow countrymen do not seem to know about what is going on in Iraq.

Below is the "important news of America"

Four charred bodies found in blaze area 9 min
Fire wipes out mobile home park
Innocent man shares his 22-year prison struggle
Fliers: $$$ seats on superjumbo jet worth it Video
Boy, 7, loses leg, but not football dreams Video
Witness: Diana spoke as she lay dying
'Genocide' resolution shelved
Ticker: Clinton throws glitzy $1M birthday bash
Dogs kill Make-a-Wish horse Video
Britney Spears avoids hit-and-run trial
Collapsing hill reveals Stone-Age secrets Video

Arrest in Hero grave desecration
Half of Americans believe in ESP
4 students shot at Michigan school
Monkeys making lewd gestures at Women

Monday, October 22, 2007

Another winner in Iraq! Thanks Bush!

I am tired of all the bad news coming out of Iraq so I am only going to concentrate on the good things!

Not all are suffering in Iraq. Some groups are having a hey day, of sorts. The PKK, Kurdistan Workers party is having fun attempting to carve off part of Turkey and Iraq, and form an independent state of Kurdistan. Of course Turkey has sworn to go to war to stop them, but they probably wont. Who would be stupid enough to take action in Iraq?

Dozens were killed today in a cross border attack launched by the PKK into Turkey. I wonder what we would do if such a strike were launched at America and twelve US soldiers died? Hmmm? We'd probably calmly sort it all out...NOT! Yet this is what we are asking the Turks to do. Stay calm you Turkish people. Don't go off half cocked; that is America's job. If anyone is going to launch a military strike it will be US!

Perhaps we should talk to the I mean the Turks...and explain that we do not want the Vietnam the Iraq spread into their nation since it might make the Khmer Rouge...I mean Islamic radicals...take power. Thus setting the stage for further Southeast Asian...sorry...Middleastern destabilisation and war.

Or maybe Nixon...sorry again...Bush will authorize bombing of Turkish.. Villages in a lame attempt to squash the PKK?

So there is all the happy news from the "stable and safe" northern section of Iraq. At least there is no Bin Laden types up there. Only communists.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Who will speak for you?

First they outsourced the toy manufacturers
and I said nothing
Then the garment workers
and I said nothing
They outsourced the steel workers
and I said nothing
Then they outsourced the auto workers
and I said nothing
Then the electonics workers
and I said nothing
They sent the finance jobs, the ship building jobs, and all manner of skilled labor away.
and I said nothing
Then they outsourced my job
and everyone was too busy working overtime at Walmart to speak for me.

And never, ever, shut your mouth!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Civitas Dei

"God of State" was quite popular in the middle ages. This single concept, in the long run, has done more harm to the cause of Christ than almost anything else. For the very concept of a God-State link reduces the Almighty to the rank of mere instrument of state control. If you look at the results of Civitas Dei in Europe today you see a land full of sumptuous churches and cathedrals where few actually go to church. On the contrary where you see God apart from the state you see little churches bursting at the seems. If there is a heresy to fight against it would be the very notion of linking God with any earthly human construct. States have no souls, or spirit. There are no country's that are Christian. There may be Christians living in them, but each persons soul is his or her own.

To serve the state is not to serve God, since the latter needs no service. We should never fall into the temptation to think that God needs us. Very great evil comes from this way of thinking. We are the needy ones, not God. No human is placed in domination over another because God decided so. He gave us free will to dominate or not. Kings and Queens are made so because their parents were kings and queens before them. Presidents are made so by the will of the republic and their own desires to be in office. And rulers are tossed off the top by various tools of fate.

I do not pretend to speak for God. How can I do that? I occupy a tiny blue speck that orbits a tiny yellow speck, itself lost in a haze of billions of other such specks. However I can think rationally and can deduce from my relative tiny self that I lack the perspective to understand an entity that could bring about the totality of existance. We can barely make it through a day here on our speck, let alone figure out the wishes of God.

So do we sit in a self centered stupor? No we should love our neighbors as ourselves and treat others the way we wish to be treated. To be just within our power to be just, and merciful within our power for mercy. And refrain from thinking any of us can speak for God. We can only speak for ourselves.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Albert the Great!

We all share this little rock in space and we all need to work together to keep from fouling the nest. The Earth does not care if you believe in Gore's message or not. We either suck it up, and act like we have balls, and save ourselves or mother nature, that cruel beast, will let us die off and replace us with something else. Cheers Mr Gore!

Now we all need to take a page or two from Mr. Gore's play-book. Not the climate change play-book, but the life play-book. Al Gore, like James Carter before him, lost an election, turned right around, and decided to change the world anyway. These guys are real Americans. Smart people tend to have happier and better lives than dunces. I am not talking about money either. Look at Spears or Paris Hilton, or Bush. Lots of doe and little brains are a disaster waiting to happen. Idiots with lots of cash tend to leave a trail of tears behind them.

But people like Gore and Carter, fly above the slime that catches the rest. It is not as if these guys are saints. Neither one has a halo growing out of his head. But they can get up there because they have the right stuff. And what is the right stuff? It is certainly not political power, money, or influence. Lots of people have that and are fatally mired in the slime pit. I think it is that these men and others like them, have caught hold of the fleeting tendrils of righteousness. To catch hold of righteousness is to surrender to it. Right action can never be made to bend to the desires of he or she that takes a hold of it. On the contrary to do what is right puts you into it's service.

Will Gore save the world, or mankind? Who can say. But I do know that he using his existence to further the cause of human life on Earth. He is not the first to do this, nor will he be the last. However he will be counted on the positive side of humanities balance sheet. While others of his generation will slip off the bottom into a bottomless sea of red ink.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Can this happen again!?!?! Are we at risk!?!?!? Panic!!!!!

One great sin of those who read up on the past is "smugness". It is a sin that is hard to avoid. This trap is laid for us who study the past, by the shear size of historical ignorance. Simply put so many people know so little about the past that, to people who know even a little, they seem suffering from some form of mental limitation. Hence smugness comes to fruition in the historian. Nobody likes a no-it-all, but these days a more accurate way of describing what people do not like is to say that nobody likes a person who knows anything. To show knowledge of anything makes you seem part of the dreaded intelligentsia.

People who know stuff go out of their way to act stupid and ignorant lest people find out that they actually might know something. Our President, a person who knows little, has this down pat. He actually goes out of his way to act stupider than he is since this endears him to the stupid people who support him.

Then there are all those milky, limp, country songs sung but bar stool warming rednecks "who don't know the difference between Iraq and Iran". Well I am sure that many of them know NOW! Nothing like three tours in the desert to educate you.

The book above is a great book on the Pestilence, Black Death, Plague, Great Mortality, Big Death, of the middle of the 14th century. I have read lots on this period and one cool thing that comes through is that it is highly unlikely that this beast will ever treat us so badly. We are simply not in the same spot as the starving, filth, people of the past. Unfortunately the past also shows that the circumstances surrounding nasty events such as the Black Death are so numerous and intertwined that such a catastrophe, albeit not from the plaque, could well happen to us modern people.

In terms of naturally occurring diseases, and man made climatic problems, ignorance is NOT bliss. Even when faced with the event itself incomplete knowledge is not much different that mystical mumbo jumbo. The plague not only decimated ignorant Europe, but also the enlightened Islamic middle easterners, the Mongol Empire, they wealthy Indian kingdoms, and South East Asia. Humans lacked the concept of germs. The best anyone could muster was to rely on two thousand year old Greek ideas of the four humors being out of alignment due to planets, stars, and winds.

Today we are better off and, some some ways, not much different than those unfortunate ancients. We know about disease, but climatic change, and how we can slow it or stop it, is beyond us. Many still don't even believe it is happening. The best scientists know it is happening, know it to be human caused, but are still at a loss to stop it.

When the plague hit Europe for the third time in the 17th century, people finally made the connection between the fleas on the rats and people getting sick. But even then, when they knew the mode of disease transmission they were at a loss to really know how to stop it. And the idea of germs was still more than a century off.

With climate change we may not have time, or the skills needed, to really avert the coming disaster. The best thing we can do is get smart, and not admire idiots.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Childrens healthcare? Not if Idiot can help it.

The latest stench to waft up from the pit at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is the veto of the expansion of federal health care coverage for kids. Why? Because as the President himself said it would begin to federalize health care and it would include that horrible section of the public, the dreaded middle class! All real republicans hate the middle class. They feel programs that help the poor alone are easier to kill off when they want to start a stupid insane war or two...or three. To allow "program creep" to begin to help the middle class means it would be a lot harder for them to kill it off. Look at Social Security! Give the middle class an inch and they will take a mile. Better keep them pissed off at the poor people.

The president (small P because this miscreant is worth nothing more) continues to be a national embarrassment. I wonder now how many so-called patriotic republicans will thwart the will of this modern George III? Who will stand against this tyrant? Who has the balls? If this were 1776 Georgy would be tarred and feathered as the dandified Tory he truly is.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Who are our enemies?

Today outgoing general Peter Pace said that we are being made war on and we must fight our enemies. But who are they? I am sure he was referring to Iraq. As I recall Iraq did not make war on us. We made war on them. I guess Tojo or Hitler could use Pace's argument to justify their wars against the US too. After all the US was fighting them both. So using Pace's argument they HAVE to continue their war against us since we are resisting them.

This whole war bull shit is really pissing me off. Who is it that attacked us on September 11th 2001? Are we so mindless as to have forgotten? Nobody in Iraq did it. Nobody in Iran did it either. Who attacked us? Who, by their actions, declared war on us? Some religious and cultural extremists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The enemy, back then, was tiny. They counted on Bush's over reaction squad to help them along in their recruiting more people to their cause and Bush has not disappointed them. They correctly guessed that Bush would launch a war in the middle east, all while leaving the real enemy alone in the mountains of Pakistan.

This provided them with a way to kill US troops, die for their cause, and recruit more who are will to do the same. It is like Bush is in collusion with the bad guys. When Pace says we are at war I say back to him "No shit!"

However the average American, told to ignore the facts on the ground, is pretty much oblivious to who are enemy is. Killing any Muslim or Arab seems okay to many Americans. Since our government has not bothered to put the laser on the target we are left to assume that all of Islam and the "Arabs" must be the villain. Since the actions of the President seem to bare this simpleminded approach out, I really fear for what we will end up doing to keep from losing this war. Since it is not the war that was forced upon us.

I want to make this clear. We were made war upon on Sept 11th. And then we went and started a whole other war, tangentially connected to our enemy, but only making them stronger while weakening our own position. Our enemy leaders are still very much alive and in the act of making war upon us. And our entire army is busy, not killing them, but wasting time, men and material in helping them justify their war.

If we do not wake up and start making war upon those who are making war on us then we deserve to get wasted. Iraq is already a gigantic strategic failure. Our "surge" has only reduced the death rate back to where it was in 2006. And the surge cannot last. We took a situation where a small spark declared war on us and decided that the best thing to do was to poor a barrel of gasoline on it. Now things are worse. Much worse.

All because we didn't calm down and patiently decide who the enemy really was. Bush is a disaster. This is not a liberal, or conservative talking, since those people are pretty much all losers too, this is an American talking. All Americans really want is someone not to fuck stuff up. Keep your ideology out of my army and out of my pants.