Monday, December 13, 1999

Tea With Mousillini


This was a very nice movie that kept you on your seat without any people getting wacked by Nazi or Italian fascist bastards. It just kept plugging away. It felt very much like a movie out of the forties, you know, before all the special effects and such-crap.

Sunday, December 12, 1999

LA Confidential

Saw the movie again and it still kicks ass. I never revied this flick.

1-10 rating 9! The only thing that makes it less than a 10 is that ....well I sat here for about five minutes trying to think of a reason it shouldn't be a ten and I can't think of one. So I retracked the prior rating and bequeath to this film the most hallowed rating of 10. Let it be known
hencforth that LA CONFIDENTIAL is a film worthy of being ripped off and copied by lesser film makers, and that it can justifiably become a cultural icon with complete ubiquity.
Ye veryily this film hath achieved hights that few other flicks have attained. Let the makers of this film be forwarned. Others that have tread upon such lofty scales have tumbled from the sumit of cinematic glory to oblivionic ruin. Most recently Quentin T., who made such a
fine film as Pulp Fiction now languishes in film Gehenna to be gnawed on by satan until he realises that he is just a guy who makes movies. Another man who came close to destruction is George Lucas. He was only saved at the last minute by falling into the purgatory of executive producership. So be wacthful and let not your sucess go to your head.

Friday, December 10, 1999


As we end the all the birthdays in the 1900's (21st century doesn't begin until 2001...duh!) I look back and to my amazement I see that all of us have lived through:
Vietnam War (Director's cut with added violence)
  • 7 Presidential Administrations
  • MLK Jr assasination
  • RFK assasination
  • All of the Apollo space program, plus Skylab, space shuttle stuff etc
  • The invention of personal computing
  • Numerous genocides around the world
  • The fall of South African apartide
  • The fall of the Soviet Union
  • The fall of the Berlin wall
  • he world population doubling in our life time from 3 billion to 6
  • The near total eradication of smallpox

And this is just a smattering of stuff. I have often thought about how much the world changed in my grandmothers life. From a world with no phone, car, radio, movies, tv, refridgeration, electric appliances, pandemic plagues of influenze that killed 40 million people and no reliable drinking warter and sewer to the world of today. If our world changes this much by the time we all start hitting 80+ years. Holy crap man! And right now we are running things so it all seems to make sense. But wait until we are in our fifties and my kids start running the world and inventing stuff and not bothering to tell us how things work. They'll take it forgranted that all of us old folks know everything about the world and how it works; wich we won't. We'll watch 4-d hypervision via the global-mind-net, or whatever, and be mistified by the complexity. We'll fake it for our kids. Pretending to know how we fit into the new world. And it'll work for a while. Until they catch us swimming amoungst changling sharks in our naked ignorance and then they too will wonder about how they will see the world when they grow old and are nolonger at the wheels of control.