Thursday, June 07, 2001

Dufus is...well a dufus...but there is hope

George "let me be the Hurbert Hoover of my generation" Bush has just handed his buddys more doe to waste. At least we married couples get a break too...right???? A reduction in the so called marriage penalty won't take effect until 2011. In fact most of the tax cut that would benefit the most tax payers won't happen until the BIG DUFUS isn't even in office; as if that guy would get elected again. Oh sure we all will get a little check, big deal. The only thing keeping me from vomiting every time I see the, illiterate, verbally disfunctional, simple minded cobb-salad head, is that his energy policy will cause the good ol' US to throw him and his fellow cobb-salad heads out on their ears. Please note that all the people with any amount of brain power in DC are stepping, quickly, away from this dude. McCain, for instance, sees the 16 ton weight hurtling toward Bush's head. Jeffords is already gone. Only the blind Trent Lott and his ilk, like automatons, are robotically receiting the useless mantra of their dead religion. On the foreign policy front the Dufus is on his way to another Palestinian train wreak. With no agreement in hand, and a cease fire that isn't really happening, his team is going to try and stop the violence in the mideast. Sure they are. I really hope this dude doesn't get us in a war. It may just be paranoia but look what the dufus has been able to accomplish in such a short time. Nuclear destablization due to his uncoherrent and disjointed attempt at a missle defense sheild. Ignoring Russian economic problems (5,000 nukes and thousands of tons of bio and chem war agents up for grabs). Alienation of US military by keeping them out of the decision making process. Alienation of NATO by claiming, ignorantly, that US is sholdering the brunt of Balkan burden and will pull out. Alienation of UN by his party's unwillingess to pay our dues, causing the US to be ousted from the Human Rights Commission. All I can say is that if a Democrat was responsible for all the bull shit that the Dufus has done there would be more impeachment hearings.

On a good note the state of Washington's supreme court decided that it can still have an open primary. This is good since it might prove to be a precident for other states to become open. The importance of this should not be underestimated. If all states had had open primaries in the last general election we might be talking about what President McCain is doing instead of Dufus. Aside from financial reform the biggest hinderance to thrid parties and or outsiders is the closed primary where, as a voter, you are mandated to vote for only members of your own party. With an open Primary you can vote for who you want. Closed primaries benefit big party politics. With soft money reform a small victory can be acheived but we really need electoral reform to bring about a fairer system that is more truely representative of the will ofthe people.

As far as JM is concerned the last six months should leave little doubt as to who is the more politically astute. Acting as if he had won the presidency with a mandate for reform JM quickly assembled a winning coalition to move finance reform through congress. Relegating the Bush supporting conservatives to the sidelines, JM has pointed the spotlight squarly on himself and his agenda and now Dufus will have to pony up. Who is courting the Democratic Leadership? Who is the one man Bush seems to have to have in order to advance any of his agenda? God I wish the US would have got this guy as the President. If Bush is a Hoover wating to happen the J McCain is a Roosevelt. Remember that ol' FDR, that consumate political gamester, the guy that owned the smoke filled room, was a republican right up untill the time he ran for President.
PS: thank you for all the info and keeping us McCain supporters together. I have forwarded all your mail to Donna, my wife.