Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Vice Presidents

Ford: pardon's Nixon and loses to Carter.

Bush: wins war against a dumpy little nobody and loses to Clinton.

Gore: Comes off as smart during VP-hood but reverts to Og the Cave man in Florida.

Andrew Johnson: Follows assasinated Lincoln and is Impeached.

Lyndon Johnson: Follows assasinated Kennedy and wins big against Goldwater, but blows great society with Vietnam.

Truman: Okay he's a nice guy and a straight shooter but his lack of attention to the details of the founding of Isreal has lead to fifty years of the crap that is going on over there. And bombing Nagasaki!? Not to mention the 50,000 troops killed in Korea.

Probably the best VP to take the helm from a President was Theodore Roosevelt. But even he gave us a legacy of overseas intervention that is dubious at best. He almost got that thrid term as an independant. What is it with them Roosevelts?

Usually VP's make lousy Presidents or, at the very least, one-termers. Early on it was the secretary of state that was slated to follow his boss. But look at ol' John Adams. What did his federalists contribute? He gave us the Alien Sedition Act making it a federal crime to criticize the government. Thankfully that dead waterbuffalo was repealed.

Even when they come back form the dead they usually cause problems. Look at Nixon, the zombie of American politics. For a while it looked as though not even a silver bullet could rid the nation of that dude.

I don't think we should allow members of the current Executive Branch the ability to run for office for at least eight years after their term ends. Frank Roosevelt hadn't been in an administration since he was secretary of the Navy under Wilson.

Washington...well...there was no administration for him to follow.
Lincoln was not a part of any administration.
Jefferson: Okay so this guy was minister plenipotentiary to France but he was Jefferson. And he didn't have an easy time either.
Andrew Jackson was just a war hero.
Ike: Just another war hero.
Grant: war hero
TR: yeah he was a VP but he was also a war hero


As far as I can tell this movie is totally historically accurate. Interesting effects, though I feel sorry for the poor bastards in any effects lab. No effect is cool anymore. They're so predictable that your brain just says "oh thats an effect...now what" This movie is okay. I guess I give it a 6. One of the better comic book movies.



Okay so this is a remake...sort of:
1964 "Fall of the Roman Empire" gets an 8

This movie starts out with the final vitory of Marcus Aurelius over the germans and the untimely death of Marcus Aurelius. The hero of this film is the general Livius. Livius vows to carry out Aurelius' wishes to reform the empire. Commodus shows up and fucks things up and the two end up in a duel in Rome, surrounded by praetorian gard. Commodus dies as does Livius. In 1964 things are more pragmatic for after the duel a new emperor is proclaimed and the so goes rome. The art direction for the 1964 flick is awsome and is probably better than Gladiator.

Truth: Commodus was chosen by his father to succeed. Commodus was as much a fighter as his father and had taken part in numerous battles. He was not the eldest of Marcus' sons but he was the only one left alive at the time of his father's death. At nineteen he was not very experienced at statecraft. He fell victem to his position and, like a later Nero, let the power go to his head. He did fight many gladiators and killed all of them. He was a powerful warrior but rather simple minded. He was murdered but not by a gladiator . He was drowned in his bath tub by a hired assasin. Despite his murder he was a very popular emperor. The commoners loved him. The Senators hated him. His reign signified the end of the golden age of the Roman Empire. The five good emperors that preceeded him spanned 84 years. I think there was around a 25 or 30 in the next 100 years. I would fault Marcus Aurelius for this. He, alone of the five good Emperors, chose his son to succeed him.

The movie: Rome never looked so good. Nice costumes, cool fight scenes, good acting, awe the glory of Rome! I just wish the story was more interesting. Once I new it was a remake I new the end. A few months back I read the Annals of Imperial Rome by Tacitus and there is so much material in that book that would make a great movie....oh yeah...I forgot....They made I Claudius. But still there is a lot that could be done with that bombastic, hauty, splendid Empire.