Monday, September 27, 1999

The Matrix

I finely saw this film and I liked it. I found the story intriguing and it left me with some questoins as to the efficency of the Matrix's system.

For instance the Matirix uses humans as batteries. Okay so this vast machine is built to house human batteries. The problem is a human is not an every-ready. A battery uses a set level of chemical compounds to produce an electrical charge. When the compounds are depleted of charge the battery is dead. With a human it's charge, and heat, only exist while the body takes in energy. It is the act of converting latent energy into heat that poses the problem. In order for the Matrix to use billions of humans as a power source it would have to be expending a vast amount of energy just to keep the humans alive. The process is too inefficient.

Another question I had was why would a computer AI who is running this vast simulation be required to exist in it the way the MEN IN BROWN did. Why not simply isolate the invaders in hermetically sealed room and let them suffocate.

Why was Neo different? What made him have the ability to dodge bullets? He was the chosen one, (I really am getting tired of the messiahanic mumbo jumbo) but why was he the chosen one?

Best part of the movie: Kung foo scene. I liked it.

Worst part: Rotary phone made to dial with a silly gear mechanism, needlessly gothic. Kind ofstupid if you think about it. I makes me think "what a bunch of lazy asses, can't even dial a phone."