Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Country Music is pathetic

Why is Country Music so pathetic? And who listens to this shit? I mean the beat is good. The instrumentation is good. But the lyrics are straight from satan's bunghole.

I think they know this music is total crap that is why all the lyrics try to just admit it. Then they try to wrap it up in God and the flag and try to sell it as something other than the shit it is.

Lest people think I am talking about all music termed "country" this is not so. I am specifically talking about pop-country. These songs write themselves. I have never written a country song but here goes:

I love my country and I love my truck
I pray to God, but my love life sucks
I love cold beer, and wide open spaces
I can't speak none 'bout them foreign places

So I'll sit right down and toss a cold one back
Be proud for no reason, and for not know'n jack
I'll tell tall tales that I like to tell
Then pray to God to get me out of this country music hell

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Shuttle and the USA

We launch our shuttles like subconscious twitches. We barely know they happen at all. Most of us don't know. We are such a monstrosity, an elephantine republic, where simple minded people mingle with the thinkers. Where some people can still laughably cling to the nobly savage idea of small government. "Small" has never been a word to be used in any way shape or form to describe any aspect of America.

We were waged war against England to gain our Independence. Then we waged war against our former alley France to attain our freedom on the seas. We told powers vastly more powerful they us to stay away from "our" hemisphere when a handful of cities in Europe contained more people than our whole nation.

Small has never been an American trait. While the great powers sat bickering in Europe we cut Panama in two, taking over the job started by Europeans. While Hitler struggled against Russia we waged global war on every continent. While the Germans tried in vane to destroy London, we obliterated metropolis after metropolis. Japan bombed a navel base so we destroyed their capital city along with dozens of others.

We damned hundreds of rivers. Built millions of miles of railroads, highways, electrical lines, gas pipelines, hundreds of thousands of oil wells, and an economy that made money in the trillions.

As Jim Lovell said. Going to the Moon was not a miracle. We just decided to go. When war was suicidal we opted to outspend our enemies. We spent Russia into the ground. And when a handful of terrorists attacked a couple buildings we brought misery to the middle east a thousand times over.

Yes I find the people who labor for "small" America to be laughable. Don't they know where they live? Don't they understand America? No obviously not.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthers and other lunatics

Birthers fall into the same category of people who see the world as a giant conspiracy against them. The truth is they are right. There is a huge conspiracy against them. The truth is conspiring to show their fantasy world to be false. Like 1 + 1 conspiring to equal 2. Or the Sun conspiring with Oxygen, and Nitrogen, molecules to make the sky seem blue when it is clear.

I would bet that the vast majority of these people probably also doubt climate change and evolution. They are also the type of people who would get 100 opinions, 99 opinions positing against them, but still cling to the 1 that confirms there nutty stances.

Thankfully fact cares not for the machinations of such terrifyingly stupid people. Truth is not in the eye of the beholder and suffers no fools. These fools, who are merely people who cant stand the idea of a black man as President, will continue to cling to their idiocy though Jesus Christ himself stand against them.

They are a sad and silly lot that are, like all their type, doomed to a waking death. I am really glad I am not one of them.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Obama speaks to Islam

Well done. I would have gone farther but that is okay. That is why I am not President. Finally a US President spoke honestly of our realtionship with the mideast. Thank you Mr. Obama for finally talking like a real person and not some spun moron who is fed the nonsensical BS of having to prop up stupid policies of the past. Thank you for taking responsibility for Mosedek. Thank you for upholding the greatest ideals that made America great. You are a tribute to the greatness of America and a stalwart supporter of her future greatness. Keep on keep'n on!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Getting a kick out of GOP attempts to find self

Do we need to appear to be more right-wing? Do we need to appear more moderate? Should we try to appeal to a broader section of America than white, rich, conservative, Christians?

This seems to be the ongoing debate in the GOP. What should really trouble the GOP is 2000 until now. They barely won the Presidency in 2000 and 2004, they lost the Congress in 2006, and got wasted in 2008. And they cannot tie their fall to GW Bush either. He was a symptom not a cause. He was the conservative canary in the coal mine of American politics.

The watchers of Fox or the readers of the American Spectator, or listeners of Limbaugh et al, reside in an eco chamber that tells them they are on the right path. Or that to represent America as it is would be too weak. So they continue to cling to a view that continues to become more misaligned with America.

The sad horrible truth is that it took the slaughter of 3000 people on 911 to elect their last President. I am sure that a host of them are wishing for more death and mayhem to recover their footing on the threshold of power. But one needs to really ask the question; why should you support a party that needs thousands of dead bodies to get elected?

Christians and torture? Should be against it. No question

I read in a recent survey by the Pew Center, that white evangelical Christians are more likely to think torture is okay. As a Christian myself I cannot see how anyone claiming to follow Christ can make that claim and then say that it is okay to torture somebody. Then again my Church tortured thousands and thousands in its day. These so called Christians are going to have a heavy bit of explaining to do when Jesus, who was tortured to death, will ask them to justify their stance. In my opinion satan is just as likely to cloak his evil in the mantel of Christianity, Islam, or any other faith. Blind faith and adherence to dogma is a sure way to hell.

Pew Center

Friday, April 17, 2009

Lets Mess With Texas!

By Maria M. Perotin, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas

Jun. 13--Texas' healthcare system ranks among the worst in the nation, in large part because so many Texans go without health insurance.

That's a key finding of a "scorecard" released today by researchers at a unit of The Commonwealth Fund who examined each state's performance on 32 separate measures focused on healthcare quality, cost and access to care.

Overall, Texas ranked No. 49 -- third from the bottom -- in the study that included all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

The bottom line: Healthcare varies widely across the country. Even the best-performing states have lots of room for improvement. And those that spend the biggest bucks don't necessarily get top-notch healthcare for their money.

"The scorecard indicates that where you live in the United States matters," said Cathy Schoen, a senior vice president at The Commonwealth Fund who co-authored the report. "The wide variation and gaps between leading and lagging states add up to substantial human and economic costs."

US Census Data 2007: Texas has the highest percentage of people with no health insurance ( 25%) . So the rest of America has to pick up Texas' tab.

So you do not want to be sick in Texas.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Red State Blues

Unwed mother / teen pregnancy rates
Bible belting "no sex ed" = more sex and more teen moms

Red Staters are the fat ones. Sorry.

Families living in povertry in 2006. The people most likely to benefit from Obama are the ones too stupid to vote for the guy.

Lastly let us look at more of the family values folks. The liberal hedonists in the Northeast are far less likely to be divorced than the pro-family south and central.

Anyway just a bit of reality to fill the void.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Red State is Right!

Right on the way to ruin. The American rightwing. Like all rightwing movements. Has at its core a moldering failure. The "its everyman for himself" anarchism that represents the heart of American conservative thought is a black fungus that, from time to time, protrudes from the outwardly healthy pretense that is conservative thought today.

Leadership, something that Obama understand well and that Bush never understood, is something beyond the mental capacity of most conservatives to understand. Again I would ask any conservative to back up what they say with examples of their ideology amounting to anything more than a bucket of warm spit captured after falling from the mouths of their radio blowhards.

This they will NEVER be able to do.

The conservatives in 1776 were all fleeing to Canada and Britain and away from the rebels that wished to throw off the yoke of kingship.

The conservatives in 1860 were all telling Lincoln to make peace with the southern landeowners and not mess with slavery

The conservatives in 1920 were still arguing that woman didn't have to worry about voting.

The conservatives i in 1940 were still arguing that Hitler would make a better business partner than England.

The conservatives in 1964 still thought that black americans didn't need to be treated equal.

So all the conservatives can stop shoveling their pigswill about how they have good ideas about future American greatess. Their track record has been one of failure and national retardation.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Motor Mounts and socialists

Things are moving so fast that it is really hard to keep up. Being 43 I am coming to the conclusion that I will only be getting older and that eventually I will be unable to keep up and or care about most stuff.

But until then here goes...

Is Obama and the government going socialist???

Well if by "socialist" you mean actually trying to help people then I guess the answer is yes. I think for me and almost all of America that is just fine. Since the people who are using the term "socialist" are so whacked out to the right that they think ANY form of government is socialist.

This goes back to what I truly believe and that is that conservatives are not really what they say they are. They think they are conservative but they are really anarchists. Their "its every man for himself" attitude is the epitome of anarchism.

For my part I hardly consider Obama any kind of a socialist. He is not pushing a single payer health care system (something I want) nor is he really helping labor. But he is at least moving the nation in the right direction as far as regaining our power, influence, stature, authority, and future greatness.

The American "right" is very wrong. They are on the wrong side of history, and have been since the founding of the republic. They have done nothing but hold America back. The best that can be said of them is that they have held America back so that the progressive engine doesn't shake the country apart. They are the motor-mount that holds the engine to the frame of the American machine.

If you ask a motor-mount what the engine should do it would probably say that the engine should shut down since that would make the motor-mounts job a lot easier. However that would not allow the American machine to work.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Conservatives are falling of the cliff, intellectually

In the past the greatest conservative voice was William F. Buckley. He was smart, very smart, funny, and on his game at all times. Now the "leaders" of American conservatism are Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, and Limbaugh.

Now you have to be a butt-picking, hill-billy, high school drop out, who thinks God founded the United States of America, and are always worrying about turning gay, in order to be a conservative.

They remind me of the damned in Dante's Inferno. The GOP should adopt "Abandon Hope all ye who enter" as their tag line and their slide will be complete.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Isaerl and Gaza and Obama and everyone else

Every nation has a right to defend itself. No one would argue that, at least no one who lives on Earth amongst human beings. But the situation in Israel is not just one nation attacking another and then a response.

The Palestinians were forced off their land, attacked, and penned in. Their neighbors dislike them as much as the Israelis do. However their plight provides dictatorships accross the mid east to allow their oppressed publics to vent anger at an enemy that is not the king, or president for life.

Organizations of brutes that use strife as a means to grab power and control (Hamas et al) also use the Palestinian cause as fuel for their own purposes. I recently sent a message to my mom about the perfect analogy for the situation. It starts where Michael Bloomberg left off.

In short Bloomberg said that if someone was banging on your apartment door yelling at you saying they want to kill you, you would want the police to come and stop them. I fill out the whole story...

The people pounding on the door used to live in the very apartment currently occupied by the people calling the police. They came home one day and found all their stuff dumped in the hallway. They complained to the land lord. He agreed with them that they had been wronged. But the new occupents would not listen and continued to live there. Not only that but they also took the job of doorman. So now the hall-people have to asked the doorman's permission to leave the building to go to work. Because they got angry and pounded on the door the doorman will not let them leave.

Finally the mob shows up, and for some protection money, they mug the apartment dwellers. The cops are called and tell the hall people to settle down. They move into a new apartment only to find that the next day the other dwellers have now kicked them out of that apartment too. The mob is still around and loves to pray on the down and out. So they make promises to the hall-people and make more violence on the apartment occupents.

This goes on and on.

That is a better analogy to what is going on in Palestine. The victem of Israeli action in Gaza will be America as much as Hamas. America is seen, with justification, as the main supporter of Israel. We give 400 million a year in military aid alone. How much do we bother to toss Palestine?

Obama needs to strike a neutral position here. Hamas is the mob for sure. But Obama needs to reach over the heads of Hamas and Israel and talk to both peoples and link them with both sides common desire to live a peaceful life. Talking to the gun toting scumbags on either side will solve nothing.