Monday, March 20, 2000

John philosophizing


Youth is wasted on the young and life, in general, on the living. Your thoughts are mirrored in almost every observation I have made of those younger than myself. As men we are slightly worse off than women. At least they reach their sexul peak in their mid thirties and are old enough and smart enough to enjoy it. Men are hardon machines until their mid twenties then the ol feller starts to say "give it a rest you midless fuck! What do you think I am? Some kinda godman jack hammer?"

As for those smoking, imortal, teenagers, I would like to judge them damned and be done with them. However they are just trying to be what society in general wants them to be. ("Ve ver just following orders.) part of me thinks we live in a pretty fucked up society where the government has to tell us not to over prescribe prozac and riddilin to our toddlers, and people still argue over the right to carry a concealed firearm. We throw every concievable kind of tawdry image at the kids, deafen them with sex and violence, then tell them to obstain from sex and settle arguments with good natured handshakes. And the idiots who still cling to that moldering mantra that it is the parents responsibility to control what their kids watch and that they are souly to blame when things go awry, obviously don't live on Earth. From a parent's point of view it is getting harder and harder to control what messages their children are getting when the bus driver listens to the morning zoo, when there are pepsi ads on the school tv, and teenage mothers are nursing their babies on the steps of the highschool. As I see it the situation has been brought about by a near cult like beleif in freedom for freedom's sake. Freedom becomes, without responisbility and the understanding of consequence of action, anarchy. Kids in particular have been so empowered as to think that they are incapable of doing wrong and if they do it is because some part of society has led them that way. There is always some kind of justification for unethical behavior. Clinton is an excellent example of this philosophy being carried out in the White house. "Lot's of presidents did those things, he's only human, what two consenting adults do..." It makes me want to vomit blood. First of all we, as humans, have fucking huge brains and the ability to make ethical decisions and if we make decisions that hurt those around us and endangers others, well we better own up to them. If we can't do that and we try and explain away our wrongs then we cease being free at all and become slaves to impluse.


Thursday, March 16, 2000

Bush and his great state!

The latest Internet "gossip" - I don't know if it's true, but certainly worth finding out... has anyone seen this or know if it's factual? --sg

The state of Texas, under the leadership of Bush II son of Bush is ranked:

50th in spending for teachers' salaries
49th in spending on the environment
48th in per-capita funding for public health
47th in delivery of social services
42nd in child-support collections
41st in per-capita spending on public education and ...
5th in percentage of population living in poverty
1st in air and water pollution
1st in percentage of poor working parents without insurance
1st in percentage of children without health insurance
1st in executions (avg. 1 every 2 weeks for Bush's 5 years)

Just think of what he could do for the country if he were president!
This guy is deserves not only to lose the his election but deserves to be bullseyed by a flock of ten thousand canadian geese.

Antoher thing I hate about Bush is that he says such stupid things like this:

actual quote: "I married over my head."
What the fuck does that mean?

He is constantly saying shit like this that is absolutely nonsensical. It isn't just a case of bad grammer or haulting scentances like his daddy. It is pure weirdo shit that brings into question his sanity and whether or not he might be an alien.

My scholarly opinion, steeped in intellectual ellitism, is that he is, as Socratese would say, a big dufus...possibly from another planet.

Wednesday, March 08, 2000

Super Tuesday Results!

Now its Bush II vs. Gore III. Watch them fumble all over themselves trying to co-opt McCains supporters and his message. The truth is that neither of these dandified princelings has a grasp of what the voters really want. So they have both spent a lot of time looking over McCain's shoulder trying to figure out what they should be doing.

McCain's suppopprter, far from being soft and easily turned, are a tough bunch who are so p'offed at the republicans and sick of the democrats that I doubt, even if McCain were to support Bush, they would do it. McCain, for his part, is a man of integrity and will undoubetly support Bush because Bush is in McCain's party. Yet there is absolutely no love between them. McCain will not actively stump for Bush nor will he accept a VP spot.

At the luncheon I attended there were a lot of Republicans who will not vote for Bush no matter what. There were many independants who told me that if McCain isn't the nominee they would vote for Gore. A few Republicans actually stated they might vote for Gore in protest over Bush.
Bush and the gothic machine behind him has alienated a large sect of Republicans and has belittled the voice of independant voters. When he loses to Albert Gore there will be lots of finger pointing and I will love every minute of it. This whole process has given me a greater respect for the diversity of opinion in the Republican party as a whole. Comming form a strictly Democratic background I find that a good thing. The media tends to want to paint all party people in one color or another. What I have learned, being in both, is that the media is full of shit. The real world wrangling behind the doors of luncheons, comittee meetings and debates is far more intelligent and uplifting than the media will ever admit. They want gossip to report on not issues and character.

I will most likely right in McCain's name in November however that is a protest vote and will not count for much. I like the guy and admire him. Do I agree with him on his social stands? No, not all of them, not even most of them. I am using the lipness test of Character for who I am going to vote for. I don't want a dandified princeling who thinks he's owed the white house.

Tuesday, March 07, 2000

Political system needs to be fixed!

Should a founding father drop through a warp in space time "like a stone thorugh a wet paper bag". He would be flumexed to note that the current system for electing a President is about the same as in his own day. He would take off his wig, scratch his stubbly head, and ponder why the hell things have progressed in so many areas of life yet not in the electoral process. This would, I think, go for either a federalist or democratic republican.

As lord emperor of the universe I would change things thusly:

  1. 1 get rid of the electoral college, an outmoded check on mobaucracy.
  2. Force each prospective candidate to vist each of the fifty states and hold a debate in each state. This process would take seven weeks and go in alphabetical order, Alabama to Wyoming.
  3. Hold a national primary in May. It would be a paid holiday too. It should be a totally open primary and delegate count would be delved out by percentage not winner take all.
  4. The parties can still hold their conventions. There is nothing wrong with parties arguing over stuff.
  5. The general election should be moved up to September and held as a national holiday too.
  6. Candidates should be graded on their views and the man or woman with the best GPA wins.

I am sure the b'wigged founder would be pleased by that turn of events. However this would screw over the existing two party system pretty bad so it won't happen. At least not until the revolution comes.

For what it's worth I urge you to vote for McCain. I attended a luncheon for McCain and got to know the type of people who are supporting him in Oregon. Compairing them to the bunch I delt with in the Vancouver DP, I would honsetly say they are more intelligent, and thoughfull than the Vancouver bunch. Due to party politics McCain has not had any support by his party in Oregon and they have, infact tried to block him from getting on the ballet at all. Donna and I are the defacto McCain corrdinators for Gresham.

If McCain is not the candidate the choice will then be between Gore and Bush and I find that not at all a happy one. On principal I cannot bring myself to vote for Gore eventhough his politics are more to my liking. Yet Bush is such a slug that to cast a vote for him is like voting for a lump of dog shit. I am sure that there will be other candidates out there from the Green Party or the Socialist party or whatever and perhaps I'll vote for one of them. yet I think that no party is going to change the system unitl the electorate demands it and makes it a lipness test issue. Either you are for reforming the electoral process or I won't vote for you. It's going to have to come down to that. Because there is simply no other incentive for those we select as law makers to change.