Friday, April 17, 2009

Lets Mess With Texas!

By Maria M. Perotin, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas

Jun. 13--Texas' healthcare system ranks among the worst in the nation, in large part because so many Texans go without health insurance.

That's a key finding of a "scorecard" released today by researchers at a unit of The Commonwealth Fund who examined each state's performance on 32 separate measures focused on healthcare quality, cost and access to care.

Overall, Texas ranked No. 49 -- third from the bottom -- in the study that included all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

The bottom line: Healthcare varies widely across the country. Even the best-performing states have lots of room for improvement. And those that spend the biggest bucks don't necessarily get top-notch healthcare for their money.

"The scorecard indicates that where you live in the United States matters," said Cathy Schoen, a senior vice president at The Commonwealth Fund who co-authored the report. "The wide variation and gaps between leading and lagging states add up to substantial human and economic costs."

US Census Data 2007: Texas has the highest percentage of people with no health insurance ( 25%) . So the rest of America has to pick up Texas' tab.

So you do not want to be sick in Texas.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Red State Blues

Unwed mother / teen pregnancy rates
Bible belting "no sex ed" = more sex and more teen moms

Red Staters are the fat ones. Sorry.

Families living in povertry in 2006. The people most likely to benefit from Obama are the ones too stupid to vote for the guy.

Lastly let us look at more of the family values folks. The liberal hedonists in the Northeast are far less likely to be divorced than the pro-family south and central.

Anyway just a bit of reality to fill the void.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Red State is Right!

Right on the way to ruin. The American rightwing. Like all rightwing movements. Has at its core a moldering failure. The "its everyman for himself" anarchism that represents the heart of American conservative thought is a black fungus that, from time to time, protrudes from the outwardly healthy pretense that is conservative thought today.

Leadership, something that Obama understand well and that Bush never understood, is something beyond the mental capacity of most conservatives to understand. Again I would ask any conservative to back up what they say with examples of their ideology amounting to anything more than a bucket of warm spit captured after falling from the mouths of their radio blowhards.

This they will NEVER be able to do.

The conservatives in 1776 were all fleeing to Canada and Britain and away from the rebels that wished to throw off the yoke of kingship.

The conservatives in 1860 were all telling Lincoln to make peace with the southern landeowners and not mess with slavery

The conservatives in 1920 were still arguing that woman didn't have to worry about voting.

The conservatives i in 1940 were still arguing that Hitler would make a better business partner than England.

The conservatives in 1964 still thought that black americans didn't need to be treated equal.

So all the conservatives can stop shoveling their pigswill about how they have good ideas about future American greatess. Their track record has been one of failure and national retardation.