Friday, April 21, 2000

Email Sucks!

I did a little statistical analysis of my current email dilema. Last year I averaged 6 e mail messages a day. This year it is running at about 15/day. Each blessed gem needs to be opened up and responded to. Some require simple replies like "Fucking A!" or "Crap!" More often than not I am sent some fucking eight page Word document done in 6 point micro type that I need to read and resond to. Or it is the e-mail that contains eight links to different web sites that I need to delve into and respond as to which one I liked best. So I have come to the conclusion that in roughly 18 months I will need a personal secratery to handle response to all the email. It is now 9:47am and I am not finished choking all the mail down. It has taken me 2.75 hours to respond to all of it. And that isn't even responding to each message since I know that a couple are magazine companies wanitng me to re-subscribe to Omni global hyper mega net weekly.