Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthers and other lunatics

Birthers fall into the same category of people who see the world as a giant conspiracy against them. The truth is they are right. There is a huge conspiracy against them. The truth is conspiring to show their fantasy world to be false. Like 1 + 1 conspiring to equal 2. Or the Sun conspiring with Oxygen, and Nitrogen, molecules to make the sky seem blue when it is clear.

I would bet that the vast majority of these people probably also doubt climate change and evolution. They are also the type of people who would get 100 opinions, 99 opinions positing against them, but still cling to the 1 that confirms there nutty stances.

Thankfully fact cares not for the machinations of such terrifyingly stupid people. Truth is not in the eye of the beholder and suffers no fools. These fools, who are merely people who cant stand the idea of a black man as President, will continue to cling to their idiocy though Jesus Christ himself stand against them.

They are a sad and silly lot that are, like all their type, doomed to a waking death. I am really glad I am not one of them.