Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Getting a kick out of GOP attempts to find self

Do we need to appear to be more right-wing? Do we need to appear more moderate? Should we try to appeal to a broader section of America than white, rich, conservative, Christians?

This seems to be the ongoing debate in the GOP. What should really trouble the GOP is 2000 until now. They barely won the Presidency in 2000 and 2004, they lost the Congress in 2006, and got wasted in 2008. And they cannot tie their fall to GW Bush either. He was a symptom not a cause. He was the conservative canary in the coal mine of American politics.

The watchers of Fox or the readers of the American Spectator, or listeners of Limbaugh et al, reside in an eco chamber that tells them they are on the right path. Or that to represent America as it is would be too weak. So they continue to cling to a view that continues to become more misaligned with America.

The sad horrible truth is that it took the slaughter of 3000 people on 911 to elect their last President. I am sure that a host of them are wishing for more death and mayhem to recover their footing on the threshold of power. But one needs to really ask the question; why should you support a party that needs thousands of dead bodies to get elected?

Christians and torture? Should be against it. No question

I read in a recent survey by the Pew Center, that white evangelical Christians are more likely to think torture is okay. As a Christian myself I cannot see how anyone claiming to follow Christ can make that claim and then say that it is okay to torture somebody. Then again my Church tortured thousands and thousands in its day. These so called Christians are going to have a heavy bit of explaining to do when Jesus, who was tortured to death, will ask them to justify their stance. In my opinion satan is just as likely to cloak his evil in the mantel of Christianity, Islam, or any other faith. Blind faith and adherence to dogma is a sure way to hell.

Pew Center