Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I love political dumbasses...NOT

As a member of the big groupt that wants to rest the controls of the ship of state from the hands of those seeking to run us into yet another ice berg, I am flumexed over the stupidity of those claiming the mantel of leadership (so called) in the Democratic Party. Don't make jokes about Iraq. Let the republicans do that. Iraq is not worthy of making jokes about. It is a sick and twisted mess and the soldiers there are stuck. My advice to Kerry is to shut the hell up and get out of our way.

Politicians are just plain stupid. It is as if DC sucks the grey matter out of their heads. Bush is brain dead, Kerry seems brain dead. Bill Frist is brain dead, Dennis Hastert is gigantic and brain dead. I think we should remove the feeding tubes from all the pathetic SOB's in DC and let them all go to the maker they all claim to want to serve. Though what God will do with these losers is anybody's guess.

Politicians make me wanna puke. A bunch of self righteous turd sandwiches. Meanwhile 103 brave soldiers get to go home in sacks. That equals about 1,339 wounded this month. So by all means lets just all use the war for scapgoating and political crappola and not try to solve this shit.

I want the Dems to win for many other reasons that Iraq. But mostly because I want some oversite on this out of control shit pile that is the Bush League's White House. I guess the morons in charge, or who want to be in charge, think they can go around and spew whatever the crowd of the moment will let them get away with.

I would like to believe in someone. But I find I cannot really do that. I do not want someone pure. All I want is someone who is smart enough to know what to say and when to say it. Someone who is tough enough not to take crap unless taking it will help US out. Some other advice to both parties is be careful of what you are shovling because you will invariable have to step in it yourself. We need something better. Not someone. Vote party not personality. Vote your agenda. Vote for America, for you brothers and sisters, your kids. But don't think these dolts are going to save your. We need to guide them in their fumblings in Washington.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Al Queada is trying to swing the election!

I rarely agree with VP Cheney but he is right that our enemies are trying to swing our election. They are attempting to help Bush scare voters into reelecting Bush's party to Congress. Our enemies realise that a Republican defeat would be a very serious problem for them so they have gone out of there way to be even more violent than usual.

I don't actually believe this shit. The average Iraqi insurgent couldn't give a rats ass what party is in charge of the US. Nor does Osama BL really care either. If the republicans win does any sane human really think he will think "oh no! They are really gonna get me now!" or the reverese if the Dem's win? This is retarded.

The only thing more retarded is the argument that a vote for Democrats is a vote to impeach Bush. What is that kind of argument saying about Bush? Nothing good. I doubt the Democrats will waste time on impeaching Bush. He is already so lame that impeachment would be rather redundant.

Now onto other news:

I WANT US TO WIN THE WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get this into your empty heads you no-talent conservative hicks!
As a committed liberal I want to kick the ass of our real enemy six ways from sunday and stick his (OBLs) head on a stick. We need to ratchet up things against our real enemies and stop fucking around in Iraq. Every American GI that is getting killed in the FUBAR that is Iraq is dying only because Bush can't figure out what to do. All this horseshit from Republicans about Democrats or liberals not wanting to fight is just that. We just want to rip the stupid blinders off the morons in DC and point them toward the right target. The deer in the headlights need to get out of the way!

In total confirmation of my assertion that Bushco has given aid and comfort to our enemy the pentagon now ackowledges that 14,000 weapons that we gave to our iranian backed Iraqi buddies are missing. Wow knock me over with a feather.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Don't buy the snake oil!

If Americans are willing to buy crap coming from Bush et al about how tough things are in Iraq, but we only have to adapt and overcome, blah blah blah, then they need their heads examined. It is a VERY DANGROUS thing to have a President have an election outcome get him to act in a war of his making. The more this SOB acts the more he makes me sick. First he gets us into a war that we didn't need to have, then he BS's his way around trying to tell us its all going to be gravey, then when thi9ngs go shitty he acts like an idiot saying his "stay the coursse" crap. Now, after reading the polls, something he says he never does (yeah right), he is changing his tune. Well talk is cheap you pathetic texas Cow-hearder, and your talk is cheaper than a Rolex Watch your can buy from a Time Square street vendor and just as reliable. If Americans are so fucking stupid as to buy his shit then we deserved to lose, and we will lose since Bush and company can't win for trying, other than elections.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Review of The Departed

I figured that with a title like The Departed nobody was going to live. I will not give away the ending (s) of the cast. Solid acting and a pretty solid story all the way around. The only draw back to this little flick was the lousy cinematography. The shots seemed to be lined up by Mr. Bill and Sluggo. The editing was ho-hum and the music sucked. The sound was great and the characters were great, however the girl playing the shrink was totally lame. Not that she did not do her part well, it is just that a shrink helping cops would probably see "the signs" of trouble and would not get involved with such psycho nut cases. She seemed pretty weak. Nicholson was great as usual. He has not lost his creepiness factor. No real surprises in the film. No "ah'ha!" moments. But was plenty violent without the violence seeming gratuitous. Gets a 8

Review of Flags of Our Fathers

It is a very sad film. Sad in that a lot of money was wasted on very stupendous battle scenes and other cgi recreations of 1940's America. The story was a gripping one, personalities a plenty, and had a lot of worthiness to it. However it was a jumbled mess that told a story poorly and I left the theatre thinking to myself. "Yep war is pretty shitty." Eastwood did the best he could with the script. However he should have told the story in a different way. It was a jumbled mess about a pretty simple set of circumstances. Guys go to war, have to take an island, some die, others live. One group raises a flag then another group does. The second bunch look better, its just a better photo. The government uses the photo to sell war bonds. The men know the truth. The end. Gets a 6.5

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Those pesky nay sayers trying to compare Iraq with Vietnam. You'd never here Bush do that! Oh...I guess he did. Then he said that the Democrats are all over the page on Iraq. I would say thank God somebody is trying to figure out what to do. Bush's deer-in-the-headlights approach is certainly not a winning strategy.

I was discussing this terrible problem with a freind over a drink, both of us lamenting the war, when I was asked what would constitue a good reason for going to war. I said I would only go to war if the survival of the United States depended on it. If the reason was given was anything longer than that it was probably not worth it. I would also say that any war is not worth fighting if a draft would be looked down on. I would fight for my country to keep us going. But not for some Iraq-like farce.

One other thing bothers me too. As a student of history I do not recall any Union troops being stop-lossed back into combat during the Civil War nor in WWI or WWII. How our worthless president can send these men back to hell because he can't figure out what to do, and still sleep at night is beyond me.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Frontline was great

If you missed this very well produced Frontline episode please think about watching it online at


From the mouths off Paul Brimmer, general Jay Garner, and a host of others responsible for post war Iraq we are led down a very sad rabbit whole in the Alice and Wonderland that was the White House and their misguided effort to recreate Iraq. This program should be mandatory viewing for all people wanting to topple nations then rebuild them as a case study in what NOT to do. My hats off the Frontline for such a great program.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How they see us

Every once in a while you get a glimpse of how they see us. Corrupt, hedonistic, selfish, lewd, imoral. We are not all this way. Freedom gives us the ability to do many things including being all of the above. It also forces us to make choices. In tyranny, whether religious or secular, people do not have choice. Freedom from authority forces upon us the mantel of the decider. We are all the decider. We annoint our own leaders and then unannoint them as we see fit.

There are, I think, many people who do not like this. They want the annointing to come from above or from something else that has more purity of puropse, or clarity of conscience. This is impossible but they seek it nonethless like Galhad seeking the grail. Forever do they throw up one figure after another to lead them only to find the leader only human. At least the free people of the Earth understand the structure of humanity, make and agree upon laws, and strive to accept responsibility for our own sucess and failure.

We have the capacity for loathsome behavior. But whereas those that believe in tyranny seek to push the blame for holocausts and death to God's shoulders, the free peoples of the earth accept that it is mankind who makes wars and concludes peace. We have been given the free will to either live or die. To kill or not to kill. To build or to destroy. Only the free people understand this responsibility. Only the free understand that the future is in our hands and that we are not puppets nor are we pawns in some war between the good God and the bad god whom we can blame when things do not go our way: ah it was God's will...or...the devil made him do it.

So who are they? The people who do not understand freedom. Or who do undertand it's implications, and have rejected it in favor of being pawns in a game out of their control. Freedom is a very adult thing. Many see it and then recoil, unwilling to take on the responsibilities of adulthood. Seeking the security of childhood where they are told where to go, what to belive, and who to follow. These people are children, seeing the complexity of the universe and rejecting it. They see no point in saving the Earth. It is too hard for them to comprehend such large acts. They throw up their hands and say it is all in some unwritten plan, or buried in ancient books whos authors simply cannot come out and tell them what to do. Bin Laden, seeking to destroy the evil, as he sees it in the world, and Robertson, asking if certain leaders should be killed, are the same. Instead of rolling up their sleeves and pragmatically seeking peaceful coexistance they shrink back into the womb of absolutism, claiming that they speak and act on Gods behalf.

What if the truth actually revolves around our own intellect, granted to us by millions of years of evolution, set up by God. Our own minds and will have made our human world. And to understand the history of mankind is to see a constant struggle between those who wish to broaden the human horizon and better the human condition, and those that seek to retrograde back into the womb. History teaches that the womb seekers always fail.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Clarification of what DPRK has done

North Korea evidently does not have a thermonuclear weapon. They have an atomic bomb. There are large differences. The weapons currently in the US arsenal need a bomb the size of the one dropped on Hroshima just as a fuse to set them off. A fission bomb works by detonating TNT around fisiable material. The fissionable atoms break and realease its engery. A thermonuclear bomb uses an atom bomb to cause its nuclear material to fuse. This creates enormous heat hence the term thermo. The fusion bombs we have are basically small Suns that we can start. They are thousands of times more destructive than the DPRK's little bomb. They are overkill made flesh. This is not to diminish the problem caused by the DPRK testing their fire cracker. If you can build an atom bomb you are not too far from building a super-bomb.

DPRK's Bomb estimated at: 15,000 tons of TNT

Us bombs: 100,000,000 tons of TNT or about 7,500 times more powerful than the DPRK's bomb


We all live on such a razor thin margin of existance. That life will continue for any of us for more that a nano second is in no way certain. I could pop off to death right now for all I know. A very nice man I know died a couple of days ago, doctors were able to bring him back to life and he will go home from the hospital tommorrow. My daughter and I were having a deep conversation of the problems of living forever on Earth. She came to the conclusion that the only way she would want to live forever is that if all her family and freinds could too. She figured that it would be pretty sad to hang around while all her family and freinds dopped one after the other. She also said, at the end, she could still make new freinds.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


HIV Epidemic not credible

Good news! Aids is not a problem in Africa or Asia. All the statistical analysis has been shown to be not credible. By who? By that paragon of science GW Bush. This is of course nonsense. The statistics he doesn't like are usually the ones that show his war to be going badly. He hates the truth, can't stand the pesky thing. So he simply says that the analysis showing over 1/2 million war dead in Iraq is not credible. He does not back up his assertion with any coroberating data whatsoever. We are just supposed to trust him. Him? Trust Bush? Well all I can say is that his little "comma" is turning into an exclaimation point. The wreakless brutality of the Bushleague is matched in scope only by their utterly dilusional belief in their own views. Their mindless adherence to the two-headed pig that is their war policy. They give aid and comfort to our enemies and will win nothing but the mantel of failure. Yet it is not their blood and guts that get blasted out in their stumbling and lurching to loss. It is the soldier, the child screaming in the streets, the families wailing over their dead fathers only to be blown up by the coffin.

Who's Fault is DPRK's Bomb?

This guy is to blame. It would be nice to blame Clinton or Bush, but this guy had way more to do with the bomb than either of those other two guys. To my knowledge neither Clinton or Bush was in the decision making process in the North Korean bomb making program. North Koreans planned their bomb, north Koreans built their bomb, and north Koreans exploded their bomb. So blame North Korea.

Now it is up to Bush and company to keep us safe. I know this really sounds bad, and it probably is. Bushco is as pathetic a bunch of losers as can be imagined, but hey they are all we have....for now...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Nuke Test In Korea

The situation with North Korea and Iran has been made inevitable by a lack of coherent post cold-war nuclear policy by the US and Russia. Instead of joining forces to help other nations see the futility of such weaponry both nations have drifted without direction, caught up in their own internal problems and unwinable wars. The lack of world leadership by the two most powerful nations has hurt our chances as a spieces to survive.

The solution to Korea is certainly not further sanctions. The country is already to most isolated nation on earth. Using medieval siege tatctics against Korea will do nothing to combat the threat of them selling technology to our real enemies. Only full on engagement will help matters. For those who think that war is the answer I would ask what we are going to fight that war with? GI Joe figures? Forceful engagement is the only way forward. All the big-stick approach does is allow Korea to react. It gives them no way forward other than bluster. By handing down ultimatums we hand the regime in Pyongyang more power. It gives them a legitimate way to explain away why they do what they do.

Civility, and carrots, a desire to negotiate gives us legitimacy and would put the DPRK in a weaker position. I am really at a loss as to explain the logic behind the current administrations policies. Other than to assume they mean to harm the US and deminish our role in the world.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Spet Oct Poll Crunch 2006

I have not done a Poll Crunch since the summer. So to rectify the situation here is the Presidents standing as of today. Much has been in the media about a "bump" for Bush. I see no real evidence of this as the poll-crunch plainly illustrates.

Approve: 36.5%
Disapprove: 58.5%
Duh: 5%

This has one of the lowest "Duh" ratings of any poll cruch. Very few undecided people in these polls. These number are derivedd from 7 national polls taken between 9-01-06 and 10-06-06. The spread on the Approval side ranges from a low of 33% to a high of 45%. The most recent polling from CNN/Wall Street Journal/ and NBC has him at 39%. This is down from a high of 42% two weeks ago.

Most positive poll: LA Times/Bloomberg of 9/16 has him at 45%
Least positive poll: Newsweek at 33%

My bellweather poll is the FOX/Opinion Dynamics poll and it places him at: 42% on 9/26

To anybody from the Clintonian school of politics this would be a disaster. To the bushleague they couldn't care less. They do not care how unpop[ular Bush is. All they want is enough of the true-believers to come out to vote to swing things their way. I am not sure if this calculation is going to come out in their favor this time.