Tuesday, September 05, 2000



Really long and well acted. Did I mention this film is long? Another dark little movie. It's long too. I don't know how to take the ending. It has one of the most truely surprising and bizzare endings of any film I have ever seen is it a good ending? I am not sure about that. This film is really long.


I don't know what I detest more, films that truely suck or films that are merely lame? The former gives me more ammo to hurl at it, but getting that ammo mean actually watching it. The latter gives me little ammo but is damn boring that it might be a worse experience that watching a really bad film. Well whqat have I got to tell you this week about the cinematic epics I did watch?

Orphans: A Scotish movie so scotish it needed subtitles.
(1-10) gets a 8. The scotish dudes just know how to make good dark-humor.