Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday Operation Iraqi Freedom

Happy birthday Iraqi Freedom.
Happy birthday to the 3218 families of those killed fighting on "our side"
Happy birthday to the 100.000+ families of those who were unfortunate enough to be born in Iraq.

Happy birthday to the millions of refugees, the brutalized, the shell shocked, the depressed.
Happy birthday to all the congressmen who never went to Iraq after sending others to fight and die.
Happy birthday to Bush bravely and courageously sending other to fight and die. (Texas Cowheard)
Happy birthday to all the pundits who lied to us and those that still lie to us.
Happy birthday to all the terrorists that flooded into Iraq after we flooded in.
Happy birthday to all the Americans still dumb enough to think that this war was justified.
And happy birthday to all the American taxpayers who willing spent 410 billion of their own dollars to topple one man and create anarchy.
Happy birthday to all the kids overthere that get to be blown up while going with their mom to the market or their father to prayer.
Happy Birthday to all the Blackwater contractors making $110,000 a year along side soldiers who make only $30,000 a year and get to worry about ending up here.
Happy brithday to all the saps and finks and fat-headed idiots who got us into this big stinking mess.

No onto refuting and lambasting our useless leader:

Mr. Bush,

You spoke this morning of the need for patience. You spoke of securing Baghdad. You spoke of the importance of winning this fight.

1: We the People have been patient now for 4 years. Longer than it took us to defeat Germany and Japan at the same time.

2: Your grand strategy to bring stable democracy to the middle east now seems reduced to stabilizing one city. So much for grand illusions huh?

3: If winning this war was you main concern you, the President of the most powerful nation in the history of the world, had all the resources to do that. You chose to fight "on the cheap" and this is why we are stuck.

I would assert that GW Bush had no intention of winning any war in Iraq. I would assert that he, as a puppet of WAR INC. has been used to open an endless war where a few get rich while millions suffer. I assert that those supporting this useless puppet, useless to the American people, are also accepting of this idea of endless war and death. They seek the war of wars for various reasons, some for profit, others for God.

These people need to be stopped and sent away. Bush needs to be sent to prison for life for his butchery of US soldiers and Iraqi civilians. He is nothing but a mobster who happens to live in the White House. The organized crime of Washington needs to be stopped. NOW!

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