Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Who would Jesus Bomb?

The image below is disturbing and not at all nice. There is no way to look at this child and say that the child had to suffer so we Americans could be safe at home. Is that going to fly with God? Sorry we had to drop a bomb on this kid God, but we were at war with evil doers and doesn't that give us a get out of hell free card? The kid will probably grow up and be really happy that a bomb fell on the house. Heck it got rid of Sadam.

All I know is that if I was the father of this kid I would be toting an AK-47 and putting caps in the heads of the enemy that did this to my child. Where does the insurgency come from? Look at the kid, it isn't really to complicated to figure out. What would you do if your kid ended up this way because some forging nation wanted to "help" you out even though you never asked for it.

I know there may be some freaks and morally bankrupt people out there who can justify this image in thier own empty heads. So here is another real winner of an image. Does it make you feel better to have that stupid ribbon on your f'ing bumper?

This war makes me sick. I have no problem fighting an enmy in a war that needs to be waged, but this is the stupidest cluster fuck that I have seen. We either send a million guys over there or get the ones who are there out NOW!!!

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