Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hitler and Coulter

"I spoke for thirty minutes, and what before I had simply felt within me, without in any way knowing it, was now proved by reality: I could speak! After thirty minutes the people in the small room were electrified and the enthusiasm was first expressed by the fact that my appeal to the self-sacrifice of those present led to the donation of three hundred marks." - Hitler recalling his first speech at a beer hall in 1919.

In 26 years 50 million people were dead along with Hitler. So when hatefilled fanatics rise to speak be forwarned. They may have a right to be heard, but we have a right to combat them with speech of our own. And use the laws at our disposal to force them leave the stage and hopefully avoid other conflegrations where millions have to die.

It is not good enough to simply say, after Ann Coulter refered to Edwards as a faggot, "well that is Coulter being Coulter." No that is not a good enough response. Whether it is a black leather coated Michael Savage telling a gay person, on the air, to "go get aids and die you pig!" Or a black leather dressed Coulter telling her freinds in the conservative community, who applauded by the way, that she would have to use the word faggot to talk about Edwards. Or Hitler railing against the Jews and Leftists it is all the same kind of hate speech. And it is all dangerous. Millions of corpes, from piles of dead at Aushwitz, to the dead GI's on Omaha beach, to the millions of Russian bodies frozen at Stalingrad all call out to us not to forget the power of words to unleash great evil upon the world.

Speakers who do not ask us to seek out the better angels of our nature, but try and divide and conquer, show us that they are wolves on the prowel and are not interested in the common good of mandkind. Those who would applaud Coulter for hate speech are not much different than the drunken Germans who applauded Hitler in that beer hall in 1919. And if you asked them then, about Hitlers rantings and ravings, they would probably tell you "Hitlers just being Hitler. He's harmless. Just a homeless Joe from Austria"

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