Monday, March 05, 2007

New bombs for old

While we are steadfastly, and sternly warning Iran about the consequences of making an atomic bomb we are about to announce that we will beging production on all new H Bombs!

A whole new production line of happy little H-bombs will start up in the not to distant future with bi partisan support. You see all the thousands of H-Bombs we have now are getting old and we can't have them not work in case we want to commit global suicide so we better make new ones.

This will cost the taxpayers more billions so forget about retireing or healthcare. You need to prop up the arms industry. I know that other sissy nations get to exist with very high standards of living and no H-bombs but who wants to be them. We'd rather live short overworked lives under the nuclear umbrella.

Nobody is going to make a fuss over this. The assembly lines will start up and thousands of super-bombs will roll off destined for the tops of missles across the midwest and trident submarines. I am so glad we had them all on 9-11 they sure helped us out. And who can forget how they helped us win Vietnam, and Korea and Iraq. Hell those things are so f'ing useful. Money well spent. Never mind that you can't acutally use one. But just when you think your johnson is a little small, all you have to do is think of a minuteman II and your manhood, at least for a minute, is restored.

I wonder how peaceful the world would be if all the tiny peckered idiots left?

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