Thursday, March 15, 2001

Notes from afar: Interesting thing about living in the sticks

At night it is fucking dark. I mean holy crap it gets black out there. On a cloudy day where there is no moon the metro area is nothing but a really faint gray haze to the west but around our house night is seriously good in its attempt at earasing reality from view. I guess thats why so many farms have those damned anoying vapor lamps. Yet even when you stand in the light the surrounding area is as dark as the inside of "W"'s empty head. One hartening sound you hear is the din of hundreds of frogs all hoping to get layed. What I can't figure out is how all ofthem start and stop at the same damn time. MY two dogs find the area a bit of a mystery. "Where is our turd filled backyard?" they yelp.

So far so good.