Thursday, June 22, 2006

What Karl doesn't seem to "Get"

In his beating of the GOP drums about how Democrats are unwilling to stick it out in the tough fight in Iraq, Rove avoids the elephant AGAIN. While he was talking up his talking points the pentagon was doing what? Talking about not sending about 5,000 reinforcements scheduled to go to Iraq. Sounds sort of like a withdrawl. Of course they do not say that. They only say that the troops heading out will not be replaced. Rove is like the mayor of Amity trying to convince the people to leave the beaches open while the shark gulps people down whole. His snake oil isn't working too good regarding this stinking turd.

This is not World War II, American freedom is NOT on the line, there is no massive industrialized powers waging war and killing tens of millions of people. The only power that seems to be even close to doing that is us. It is a false argument that Rove is making. Bush and Rove are far closer to Hitler and Himmler than Roosevelt and Churchill. Roosevelt and Churchill did not seek out a premptive war on Hitler. Hitler launched a preemptive war on them. 911 was a conspiracy and attack perpetrated by jihadists in this country and nominally sanctioned by Bin Laden. Iraq has done NOTHING but make matters worse for us. Like the bombing of Pearl Harbor or the insane invasion of Russia the invasion of Iraq was a very bad move.

Our soldiers are only dying, killing, murdering, getting wounded, and sweating in Iraq for the sake of our pride and because Rove et al have NO CLUE how to get out of this giant mess and still look good. And that is a rotten reason to keep our troops there. This is not the Battle of the Bulge, or Okinawa. Our response to 911 has been to marginalize our power, give aid enormous propaganda victories to our enemies, and destabilize and already unstable region of the world. This is a mess started by GW Bush and company. There was no ligitimate reason to invade Iraq. All the reasons I supported this war turned out to be BS. And now we are suffering the consequences. So for prides sake we are butchering our soldiery so we can go to bed and be proud to be Americans. What a load of crap. The cowards are the ones who keep our men and women in harms way while they fiddle.

At least Murtha has the guts to tell it like it is.

'nough said

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am a millionaire!!!! in Iraq

Currently 1 US dollar is convertable into 1,400 iraqi Dinars.
Of course I'd be a poor slob if I moved to that bastion of wealth Ireland. There my yanky greenback is worth a poultry 62 cents.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Here is the Bike I want

Monday, June 19, 2006

Poll Crunch

Since I began my poll crunch at election 2004 Bush has slid like a climbers turd on the side of mount Hood. But throughout his plummet his favorability rating has held in there. It too has slid but not as nastily as his approval rating. Until this month. His favorability rating now stands at around 18% making him one of the least liked Presidents, worse than Jimmy Carter during the hostage crisis and worse than Nixon before his impeachment. It isn't that people like the guy but dislike his policies. He is personally disliked.

Anyhow here goes with the June Poll Crunch for 2006
Do we think Bush's Policies are good?

No 57%
Yes 37%
Duh I am living on Pluto 6%

Do you like Him?

I Love the guy 18%
He's Okay 21%
anh? 9%
He's sort of, you know, bad 15%
He Sucks! 37%

Bush Presidency to end...eventually!

In a dramatic and weighty statement today President GW Bush said that he would someday not be President. Congress, already struggling to justify the continued occupation of the White House by Bush, is trying to pass competing non-binding and unitelligable resolutions designed to mislead the public as to where they stand on the issue.
In the White House, the hired help says that they want the occupation to end now. However Bush says that he intends to hold the course, and stick to the plan. In a surprise move and with a complete inability to look facts in the face, Bush decided to leave the saftey of Crawford to visit the White House himself! Saying that he was the "Presidentator" whatever that means.
The interim government of emperor Cheney and chancellor Rove has said, in back channel conversations with Bush, that he is really not wanted there telling him that "we can rule the world ourselves"
Meanwhile the sectatrian violence continues unabated between the fiscal and social conservatives.
In a related story the Iraq War is still a giant stinking pile of crap.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hard Cover books

There is something about a hard cover book.
It is has weight and not just physical proportion,
but in the murky connection to distant hands.
Muscles now turned to dust,
working presses,
stiching with needle and thread,
stif bindings of thick pages of laid paper
brining life to ancient thought
ancient even in ancient times
solemn rectangular perfection
transforming the gravity of thought into physical form.
Not flighty and transient like the pulp paper backs,
so much huried ramblings.
It matters how the message is packaged
It shouldn't matter but it does, to us, to me

Are pigs flying? Bush in Iraq?

After getting his head taken out of his ass, our so called leader, finally decided it would be a good idea to actually go to his war. Since the Iraqi leadership was given only five minutes warning before the big P walked into their office it is evident that the US administration doesn't trust anyone in the iraqi government to secure a meeting with Bush.

But hey finally the idiot shows up. Better late than never. Yesterday Bush said the stakes are worth it; regarding sticking it out in Iraq. Fat talk from a guy who has no clue what to do in Iraq other than mroe of the same. Our policy is "lets just keep going and maybe things will work out." How much money are we willing to shovel down the Iraqi hole? Bush talks like we have a bottomless pocket of cash to flush down his war hole.

We are not achieving anything in Iraq other than the burning of a gigantic wad of cash, getting the arabs to hate us more, and sending a lot of GI's home either dead, wounded, or otherwise screwed up. So what makes all this worth it? Democracy in Iraq? Well there isn't any, not yet. The government is using more and more dreconian police powers in an attempt to squash disent, limiting freedoms or the press and women, and not really be much different than the bathists under Sadam. So what makes all the sacrifice worth it? It is sooooo great that Bush is willing to spend the farm on Iraqi's but is unwilling to do jack for the average Joe in America, the country he was elected to represent.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Oops we got Zarqaui!

Darn! With him out of the way goes another useful tool the Bush administration can use to uphold the dubious claim that the insurgency is really jihadist in nature as opposed to what it really is, a civil war combined with a rebellion against an occupying power.

Cutting the head off of the snake would work great if it was a snake who was our enemy. Our enemy is not a snake. I could be dark and say that the enemy is us but that though that would sound poetic it is not the truth. It is a complicated foe. The US is besought on several fronts:

1: The current government is suffering from sectarian warfare of its own brought on by endemic coruption that has only multiplied since the Republicans have gained power.

2: Our high-wage economy is under assualt by corporate globalism and the lack of strong international unions.

3: No clear nuclear policy leading to the potential of terrible miscalculation.

4: Sciociopathic holy warriors (Muslim and Christian) who seek to destabilize the world to further their own religious ends.

5: Global environmental destructiton.

Those are the big dangers that face us, as I see it, and they are all pretty big. What makes them tough to fight is that they are so intertwined within our own nation and national identity. We are rushing to the point where we all will realize that we cannot have our cake and eat it to. I put the sectarianism as #1 for the US since in order to have a snow balls chance in hell of solving any of the other 4 problems #1 has to be tackled.

Somehow we will muddle through this situation but what the world will look like in a century is anyones guess. I have hope for humanity but little hope for the status quo or our current civilization. It looks to me to be headed toward collapse

Friday, June 09, 2006


According to the Congressional Budget Office the federal budget, under Clinton in 2000 as a percentage of GDP, was the same size it was in 1962. Today that is not the case.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Defend Marriage

The biggest threat to marriage in the US is the overwhelming financial burdens placed upon the average family. The stress of two incomes, no time for family time, running the eternal rat race to keep ahead of the Jones, and utter lack of governmental support for family health care are all prime reasons divorce is so prevalent. To alter our Constitution to discriminate against gay people will do nothing for marriage, and is a national and religious disgrace.

When all the bigots wake up in hell and start bitching to God about why they got the shaft I hope they will remember their scripture alittle more coherrently. Jesus Christ, (GOD), never really mentioned homosexuality at all. He did say that the judgement you pass on others is the judgement that awaits you. Then He tells us, in the Lords prayer, to ask God to judge us the way we judge others. So I am sure there will be lots of gnashing of teeth and wailing from the hell-bound right-wingers.

Reform your lives and return to God. You do not have to rot in hell for your hipocracy. Our God will redeem you if you let Him. God does not need you to defend him. Put your sword back in its scabbbard, for they that live by it are destroyed by it. Stop judging your world by human eyes. God does not see gay people the way you see them. And you cannot know the mind of God. And those that claim to know His will, are the most fallen of all men, for the snake of Eden is surely speaking to them even now, telling them that they can know the world and be Gods themselves.

The stink from the white-washed tombs continues.

Monday, June 05, 2006

National Emergency! Congress filled with crap. Need plumbers NOW!

War raging out of control in Iraq
8 trillion dollars in debt
45 million people without any healthcare
Gas at more than $3.00 a gallon
Tens of thousands of citizens still living in Fema trailors

So lets get to work and descriminate against gay people!

Friday, June 02, 2006

We need to turn away from the darkness!!!

It seems that we constantly have to relearn lessons that other soldiers and nations have learned in the past. Namely that war is dehumanising, brutal, imoral, and bloody. Anyone put into such an environment, given enough time and tension, will most likely end up being sociopathic if not psychopathic. Civilian murders at the hands of US troops should come as no surprise. Our soldiers are the best there is but they are not androids. War destroys soldiers whether they are shot, blown up, or become murderers. The sooner we are out of it the better for us all. The longer a war goes on the less noble it seems. The shame is not that civilians are dead, but that this war was allowed to happen at all. The men and women who defend us are owed more than an open ended war of attrition. Why do we fight? What are we defending? Democracy? What a load of crap. Our valient men and women are suffering the depravity of war so that the US doesn't look weak. What a rotten reason to kill soldiers and turn others into murderers.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Refuting the 911 Conspiracy idiots

Roswell, Dealy Plaza, and now the WTC. The conspiracy freaks have sunk their stinking, fetid, and neurotic minds into the 911 attack. There are lots of variations on the conspiracy. There is the Jews blowing up the towers, there is the Bush's blowing up the towers, and I am sure that the Roswell aliens are really to blame. Why is it so hard to believe in physics? There has to be some star-chamber B-moive plot to destroy the world, or kill a President. It couldn't be Oswald or a bunch of religious fanatics? There really was a conspiracy to bring down the WTC and the people responsible bought the islamic farm on each of the air liners. But I know that freaks will be freaks. So here goes my attempt to refute the dufus brigade.

The WTC is not a tree. If you cut a tree in half the top portion has enough molecular stabillity to allow it to thwart gravity and it will fall to one side or the other. However if you make the cut even slightly angled then the top portion of the tree will slide off the bottom and it will fall, as straight as it can, to the ground. Of course the other thing a tree has going for it is that it is not brittle but gumby and flexible. Far more so than a 110 story office building. Gravity dictates that all matter seeks the center of the earth. So given enough mass and instability you get the WTC collapse. Each building was 500,000 ton house of cards. Once the floor collapsed where the plane hit, the other 175,000 to 200,000 tons of steel and concrete were allowed to seek the center of the earth. If you take 200,000 tons of material and allow it to fall even a tiny bit you convert that into a gigantic amount of kinetic energy and that energy, contained within the moving mass of steel and concrete will pile-drive as straight as it can toward the center of the earth until it hits something that is rigid enough to stop it; say the surface of the earth.

The so called puffs of smoke that can be seen from lower floors are due to hurricane force winds, generated by the compression of the upper floors, blasting the windows out. Try sitting on a balloon and you'll see what I mean.
The buildings did not fall evenly to the ground either. The outer walls splayed out from the pile driving effect. The outer walls, avoiding the 200,00 ton pile driver flew outward in arcs away from the destruction. Ground zero looked nothing like a controled blast area. Furthermore the amount of damage inflicted on nearby buildings was in some cases catastrophic leading to further collapse. In a controled demolition the charges are timed and arranged to bring the center of the building down first and buildings walls back into each other to create the pile driver effect. Nothing about the collapse of the towers looked even remotely like that. The collapse for both towers began at the floors of impact.

In short conspiracy freaks should go F' them selves.

Refuting the weak God scenario

Evidently many conservatives believe in a weak and feable god. Their god is always lashing out and killing people who are simply in and around the area of the evil people he needs to smite. Also the conservative god cannot do much for himself. He is so weak as to need men like GW Bush to help him out in his plan to bring peace and happiness to the world. They also do not seem to belive in a monotheistic faith. Their faith is basically dualistic where you have the good god and the bad god and they are constantly duking it out for our soles. The pay lip to the whole "Omni Potens Deus" bit but only lip service. Lastly they have not faith in this weak and feable god. They constantly are worried about his kingdom being destroyed by the evil lefties and gay people.

I am a lefty and my God, the rock eternal, ever living, ever loving, and all powerful God, is not some weak kneed fool on a cloud. He has stretched out his almighty hand to bring the cosmos about and needs not help from the likes of simplminded Fallwell or Pat Robertson to help him. We need God, while God does not need us. His kingdom is beyond the 2-dimensional imaginings of humanbeings. He does not need Christian soldiers to defend him. His merciful and compassionate power defends us. It amazes me how the silly and weak faithed conservatives keep demoting God to a celestial version of Terri Shaivo.

Why waste time praying to a god that needs Bush's help? Or our help?