Monday, February 19, 2001

Bush is so @#$ Stupid and so are the Excite freaks

To those of you who might agree with the freaks in the Excite forum I do not apologize for the following rant:

I use Excite as my news service and the place I go to to answer stupid polls. I have to say that I am almost diametrically opposed to almost every poll result on Excite. The latest poll is "Do you favor the air strikes to uphold the no fly zone in Iraq." You are given the 'yes' 'no' or 'not sure'. I answer no because I think that the airstrikes are bogus and nothing but saber rattling from Bush II "son of Bush". Going to the forum to discuss this stupid poll I find that all the turds in it are tape recorders playing back the one-liners and non-policy-positions of Bush and his lame assed staff or the non-policy of the jerk that was in the office before him.

How can America choke down the nonsense that Iraq, or for that matter at little saudi terrorist Binlawden, are real threats to us. If anything they are nats, anoying but hardly worth the trouble to swat at them. Meanwhile we have real trouble brewing when Russia fires off a missle that could contain a multi-cluster warhead. Of course we don't have a response to that now do we. We can't send a carrier task force to rattle our sabre at
Russia. Here we have a nation whos military hasn't been paid in years. A nation that is racked with nazi-like nationalism and xenophobia. Compared
to Russia, Iraq is a sublime and steady rock of predictability. So what do we, the Super-power, do? We opt to forget about the anti-balistic missle
treaty and toy with the idea of igniting an arms race with the very county who's population blames us for it's troubles. Back in the soviet days the Russian people harbored no hatred for us. They hated their government but not us we were the good guys. Now, after having their economy ruined via disasterous foreign intervention, and a load of anti-american propaganda fed to them by the old authoritarian socialists, who are now saying "we told you so." they don't like us much and won't take to listening to America when it tells them what to do.

It was a nice thaw while it lasted, at least for us.

As for the dunderheads who are devout believers in the golfwar credo of "make my day" foreign policy, they are going to be in for a very rude
awakening when the power they rattle their sabre at just stairs at them and rattles back. In my opinion the cold war is an unwinable and unstoppable
war. We thought the enemy was soviet Russia but the real enemy is oblivion. It might come out of Russia or China or out of the US itself. We will forever be struggling to keep ourselves from falling off the edge of sanity and ending the world. I hope the struggle lasts forever, because if it ever ends we will have fallen off that edge.

Continuing onto another topic: Schools

"Do you favor school vouchers to allow kids to go to private schools?" No fucking way. Vouchers are little piddly-diddly amounts of money that will not send an east LA latino to private school. Vouchers will only help rich people. Do they really expect me to believe that a $500 dollar voucher is going to help me send by kid to St Mary's? Hardly. That might pay for one weekend school retreat but that's about it. Bush is a skankhead for pushing the lie on people. Give my district a voucher of 100% funding and I'll support it. Bush is for schools what Tonya Harding is for good-sportsmanship. Keep your goddam tire iron off our school's kness you texas small-peckerd bastard.

The dunderheads online want good schools but think that they shouldn't pay any property taxes to support them. They want to go to the store and get all their food free, and they get cranky if they lose a board game, and their development has been arrested at the age of fifteen and has been scentenced to life, and they are pissed because they have to pay $1.55 for unleaded while the world pays $4.00, and they eat 25% of the worlds resources, and they want to live forever, and they all want to be the emperor, and they all want to have the deathstar,and they all are puzzled why the rest of the world is sick of them.